What we need to understand is our place in the business cycle, the things that might come and change the way we perceive the world, and change the way our business operates

Craig Tindale

Transformation Leader, Co Author of 'Australia's Economy is a House of Cards'

After 30 years of leading complex transformations for telecommunications, banking, finance, and insurance sectors as both a customer and a vendor. Craig has undertaken a global search for the latest thought leadership, including practical frameworks for transformation and disruption suitable for the modern enterprise. He now shares these insights and thought leadership on topics ranging from , digital disruption to transformation across all economic , industry and technology environments gathered from the leading thinkers at Stanford , Columbia and Harvard. Included in this search have been engagements with senior executive leaders in companies that are at the forefront of the new frameworks of the coming disruptive business age. In the process he has discovered that many of the principles that were taught at the world’s leading business schools over last 30 years are now obsolete and that new approaches are required to navigate the unfolding challenges that executives must master in order to lead. Craig offers comprehensive industry, cultural and technical frameworks to leading Australasian firms in order they may navigate the challenges ahead.