Insights from the Edge: Setting Technology and Digital Roadmaps for 2019 CIO EDGE FEBRUARY 2019

Colin Fairweather

CIO at City of Melbourne

Colin is the sort of person who wins a best CIO award and pops it in a drawer and gets on with things. From time to time his fun “Black Ops” reference is code for challenging the status quo as well as getting stuff done fast and, really, in local government (or any organisation) these people are gold as they create progress.

Colin has a refreshing view on technology (it’s just a part – not the whole) and is constantly interested in integrating disruptive and emergent technologies to support the community sector. When he keynotes or presents the topics are transformation, emergent technology and connecting dots for people who haven’t yet seen what’s next. He often sees the useful ‘weak signals’ that show what’s coming.

His interest and experience in organisational dynamics has paved the way for great outcomes. He’s a seasoned and professional board-level leader with natural business ability and an approachable style. You’ll hear him passionately say: “Make the future”, “The strategy is delivery” and “Never say never”.

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