Chris Venter

CTO at REA Group

I am a passionate technologist that is focused on building a talented engaged and motivated engineering organisation then empowering them to do extraordinary things.

I love creating products and technology that make it easy for people to experience the world.

My philosophy is to start with the customer and work backwards to find the right technology to enable the best customer experience.

I look for the brightest minds backed by technology that enable our teams to rapidly build and scale disruptive products.

If you are interested in doing something great for customers and revolutionising the next generation of products and technologies then lets chat…

In my career to date, I have had the great fortune of having been part of some amazing engineering teams, built and led some great ones, and together we accomplished some pretty important things. I have learned just as much by the failures as the successes and believe that you can never stop learning and improving.

From the last 25 years of being in IT, the things I am most proud of aren’t about the big projects and jobs that got done, but how I managed to do my job over the years that hopefully have left a lasting positive impact in the hearts, minds, and lives of the many people who I shared the journey with. Seeing those people grow in their careers and go on to do bigger and better things makes it all worthwhile.

Specialties: executive engineering management; talent development; agile delivery, scalable, mission-critical enterprise applications, systems, and infrastructure, building global engineering capability.