Chris Havrilla

Top 100 HR Tech influencer, Top-25 Global Consultancy influencer and Global VP Talent & Product Strategy at Oracle

Chris has worked diligently through her career with business and HR leaders—as an internal HR or HR strategy/technology practitioner, Consultant/Adviser, or Researcher/Analyst —on radically improving talent strategy, technology, and leadership—as well as the tech vendors who serve them.

With a unique blend of technical, HR practitioner, business and vendor experience, she laughingly describes herself as a bit of a talent, HR Tech and Future of Work “whisperer”. Chris has a degree in MIS, with a concentration in AI, from the UGA Terry College of Business. She loves figuring out how the latest trends and innovations in data, tools, and technology can help change the face of HR and the world of work.

She will say technology and data does play a huge role in how we make work better for people and people better at work — and not just be the work. And that humans are the ones who ask questions, solve problems, and take actions — with tools/technology in hand. Chris loves helping companies and people think about their outcomes — ask the right questions — determine technology and data strategy — and how it should all be utilized and applied to get their desired outcomes. She doesn’t profess to have the answers, but how to help you solve for them.

Chris was named as an Onalytica recent research report, “Who’s Who in Future of Work?” as well as their “Top 25 Global Consultancies Influencers” research study across all C-Suite topic categories — including the AI, emerging tech, and future of work sub-categories. She is also featured in Human Resource Executive® and the HR Technology Conference annual Top 100 HR Tech Influencers list, which recognizes individuals from the HR, technology, and business communities who are impacting the state and future direction of HR technology.