Chris Halstead

Global VP Infrastructure & Cloud Services at Starbucks

Chris Halstead is Vice President of Infrastructure and Cloud Services at Starbucks Coffee Company. Chris and his team are responsible for foundational technology service delivery across the worldwide Starbucks enterprise, which includes private data centers, corporate offices, manufacturing and distribution locations, Starbucks Reserve Roasteries, and integration with public cloud partners.

In addition to engineering and operating core technology infrastructure services, the team plays an instrumental role in financial management and strategic technology alignment to deliver on critical business initiatives, leveraging on-premises capacity and integrating an expanding footprint of cloud environments.

Chris joined Starbucks in 2007 and has been leading infrastructure teams there since 2011. Prior to Starbucks, Chris held both individual and leadership roles at John H. Harland Co., Delta Air Lines, SourceLabs, and Amazon. He contributes to industry advancement and improvement through membership in Infrastructure Masons and participation in Customer Advisory Boards for Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Business Application Platform.