Bill Vass

Vice President of Engineering at Amazon Web Services

Bill Vass is an award winning technology executive and visionary in the Information Technology, Robotics, and Cyber Security fields. With over 40 years of experience at growing revenue, Bill has held CEO, COO, CIO, CISO, and CTO business leadership positions for both start-ups and Fortune 100 companies, as well as the federal government.

Bill is currently Vice President of Technology at Amazon Web Services. In this role, Bill oversees more than 42 cloud and edge technologies that allow AWS’ customers to store, analyze, manage, and retrieve information quickly and efficiently. Bill’s teams deploy, manage, and monitor the cloud. They provide large scale storage; support gaming, large scale simulations, and studio rendering; provide data transfer and real time streaming services; lead AWS’ product development into the Internet of Things (IoT); create robotics and autonomous systems; support the Snowball Edge processing device systems; and lead AWS’ research and development into quantum computing. In short, his teams develop and operate the largest software defined storage, streaming, IoT, automated management, and monitoring systems in the world, used by web-based companies, consumer companies, enterprises, and governments.

Mr. Vass started his career as a software development engineer in 1980 and has extensive experience developing large-scale commercial Information Technology engineering and business systems solutions for defense system integrators, as well as the oil & gas and ocean engineering industries.