Anna Dao

CEO at Apolinar

Anna’s entire professional career has been focused on driving and delivering successful digital transformation and enablement across a range of clients, industries and countries. Anna has a particular passion for innovation that improves the human experience and through her previous work specialising in project recovery, Anna has leveraged this experience to identify key points of failure in all levels of digital transformation, helping business leaders navigate the digital landscape, build capability, deliver projects and demonstrate value, fast.

Her experience spans across healthcare, banking, NGO, construction, distribution, travel and rural/farming industries and she has spent the past few years working on digital transformation with clients in the not-for-profit sector; with particular focus on child poverty and refugee areas, as well as in the healthcare industries.

Anna is an active investor in the start-up community, and is also committed to helping women in STEM. Outside of the office, she enjoys fishing, reading, cooking and most of all, eating.