Be wary about making technology investments. CFOs should first evaluate the maturity of the organisation, then evaluate more mature and emerging technologies like AI"

Adam Tice

VP Global Cyber Operations at Equifax (USA)

Adam Tice is the Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity at Equifax, where he leads the global team tasked with protecting the enterprise from cybersecurity threats. He joined Equifax in 2017 immediately after the organization’s infamous data breach, and was hired from Mandiant, the company that led Equifax’s incident response and intrusion investigation. From 2014-2017, Tice managed a team of Mandiant consultants who were responsible for providing a range of industry-leading, technical cybersecurity services to clients in more than 30 countries. Prior to Mandiant, Tice spent nearly a decade serving in a variety of leadership positions at Lockheed Martin. Most recently, he was the Principal Consultant and Service owner for Cybersecurity Testing, Assessment, and Training, and managed teams of consultants who performed these activities for high-profile domestic and international clients. Tice has been a consistent and powerful catalyst for positive change in organizations throughout his career, successfully communicating the business impact of weaknesses and vulnerabilities to his clients at all different levels – from CEO to CIRT analyst.