James Richberg

Public Sector Field CISO and VP of Information Security at Fortinet

Fortinet Field CISO working to bring cybersecurity solutions to industry and the public sector following a 30+ year career driving innovation in cyber intelligence, policy and strategy for the United States Government and international partners.

Served as National Intelligence Manager for Cyber, the senior Federal Executive focused on cyber intelligence within the $80+ billion US intelligence community (IC) annual operating budget. Senior Advisor to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) on cyber issues. Set collection and analytic priorities for the IC’s 17 departments and agencies on cyber threats.

Brings a broad view of today’s complex cyber ecosystem and a proven ability to address difficult cyber problems across multiple domains and operational issues — including advanced cyber threats, insider threat, and supply chain integrity.

Strong focus on strategic problem solving (i.e., identify and solve the key problem vs. the most visible one) and a decade-long focus on improving cyber metrics which are foundational to measuring return on investment and driving improvement in cybersecurity performance.