Shaun Williamson

Head of Security Governance, Risk, and Compliance at Atlassian

As a forward-thinking Information Security Leader, I excel in strategic planning with a keen understanding of evolving cybersecurity trends. My expertise lies in driving operational changes that bolster security without compromising on system performance or business objectives.

Acknowledged by peers as a transformative leader and catalyst for change, I have successfully built and led multiple teams to enhance security postures, even amidst challenging threat landscapes.

I specialise in turning cybersecurity strategies into sustainable and effective security practices and operations, executing strategic transformations, and leading incident response and recovery efforts. Skilled in managing change, I am committed to promoting continuous learning and development among staff and uphold the values of integrity, vigilance, and collaboration.

In terms of governance, I implement robust frameworks that establish security standards, ensuring risk management, asset protection, and compliance with all relevant legislative, regulatory, and contractual obligations.