Scott Westbrook

VP, Data & Technology at Deputy

In my career, I have worked with Complex Sales/CRM/Billing Solutions for over 20 years, either as a Consultant working for Big 4 Consulting/SI Organisations, at Large Enterprise Companies in the Telecommunications and Media Industries or at SaaS Startups.

My experience covers all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle, including; Business Analysis, Architecture & Design, Development, Testing, Implementation and Operational Support.
I have worked on projects across diverse industries and in many different locations, including; Australia, England, Scotland, China, France, USA, Singapore and Malaysia.

In recent years, I have worked with very large Enterprises successfully implementing many complex Solutions/Projects with budgets in excess of $20m and in a couple of cases >$100m. Throughout my time, I managed teams (cross geography), defined solutions, led implementation projects, trained staff and improved business processes.