Scott Meddings

Scott has an extensive background in the IT industry, accumulating over 26 years of experience with a focus on global organizations and large public companies. Currently positioned at Microsoft, Scott plays a pivotal role in propelling digital and application transformation within the financial services sector and enterprise clients across Australia. As a proud member of BIAN, he has dedicated the last 8 years to collaborating with major banking customers in Australia.

Specializing in the Power Platform, Scott champions a low-code approach to facilitate digital transformation across various industries. Leveraging his expertise, he showcases the platform’s capabilities, illustrating the potential for enterprises to undergo digital transformation, enhance employee productivity, and deliver an exceptional user experience, all through the power of low code.

In his capacity as a Business Application Specialist at Microsoft, Scott concentrates on the Dynamics 365 portfolio. His primary objective is to assist customers in extracting business value from their data, fostering increased productivity and profitability for companies through the comprehensive offerings of One Microsoft.

Scott also assumes the role of a team leader, providing support, coaching, and mentoring to the technical pre-sales team. His dedication extends to a passion for leadership, diversity, and coaching, contributing to a well-rounded and impactful career in the IT sector.