In this community interview, Peter Andreopoulos – Director of Talent Acquisition & Remuneration at La Trobe University, discusses an ongoing project at the university concerning data integration and system unification across departments.

The project faced challenges due to the complexity of different systems and required extensive collaboration between various departments to ensure success.

Understanding and utilising data to make informed decisions is crucial. The significance of data democratisation and its role in driving decisions rather than just describing past events should be considered. Data is a powerful tool for understanding student needs, improving student experiences, and supporting the university’s goals.

Looking towards the future, Peter is excited about the increasing collaboration between the university and commercial businesses. He envisions a dynamic environment where students, researchers, and academics work closely with businesses in entrepreneurship hubs, leading to innovation and community engagement. This integration with the community, along with opportunities to support entrepreneurs, is a significant focus for La Trobe University.

The future of La Trobe University includes creating an open space that fosters collaboration, embraces data-driven decision-making, and promotes engagement with the wider community.


Key Takeaways:

  • The key project at the university involved data integration across different systems to improve the candidate experience and engagement. The project encountered roadblocks due to complexities and the need to engage various departments like payroll, HR systems, finance, and hiring managers.
  • La Trobe University emphasises the importance of data and analytics, using it to understand their performance, make better decisions, and improve success measures. The focus on customer-centricity is vital for the university, with efforts to enhance the student experience on campus, post-COVID.
  • In the future, La Trobe plans to collaborate more with commercial businesses on campus, promoting entrepreneurship hubs and supporting the community through education and engagement.
Peter Andreopoulos Director - Talent Acquistion & Remuneration
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