At ADAPT, our team’s diverse backgrounds and experiences are the backbone of our success.

Continuing our Employee Spotlight series, we’re thrilled to introduce Byron Connolly, our Head of Programs & Value Engagement.

With a career spanning over 25 years, Byron brings a wealth of experience from his time as a technology journalist, editor, and, most notably, running the CIO 50 program in Australia. A month into his journey with ADAPT, Byron is already making waves.


A Rich Legacy in Tech Journalism

Byron’s journey began in the 90s as a technology journalist. Over the years, he has been instrumental in telling the stories of CIOs and the technology C-suite, shedding light on their innovations and the transformative power of technology in businesses.



What drew Byron to ADAPT? It’s the organisation’s stellar reputation and the opportunity to work alongside talented local analysts. Byron’s passion for storytelling, combined with ADAPT’s rich data and insights, creates a synergy that elevates the narratives around technology leadership.


The Role Ahead

Byron is excited to dive deep into the stories of the entire C-suite, from CIOs to cybersecurity experts. With cyber issues becoming increasingly prominent, Byron’s expertise in storytelling is invaluable in bringing these narratives to the forefront.


Why ADAPT Stands Out

For Byron, ADAPT’s reputation precedes itself. From positive feedback from industry leaders to the palpable energy within the team, ADAPT’s work culture is a testament to its excellence. Byron’s interactions with a leading CTO further solidified his belief that ADAPT is the best in the business.


A culture that cares for Australia’s executive community

While the positive work culture was expected, Byron was pleasantly surprised by the strong relationships ADAPT shares with its practitioners and delegates. The commitment of the delegate acquisition team and the overall company culture have left a lasting impression on him.


Challenges Ahead

Byron’s immediate focus is on fostering conversations with C-level executives and producing compelling content for ADAPT. He’s also moderating round table discussions and video interviews, ensuring that ADAPT’s narratives remain engaging and insightful.

We’re thrilled to have Byron on board.


ADAPT has some of the most innovative, clever, passionate and friendly people you’ll meet.

With staff across 3 continents and originating from all around the world, ADAPT has cultivated a truly diverse culture that celebrates our individuality while uniting across a shared goal.

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Byron Connolly Head of Programs & Value Engagement
Helping to articulate and accelerate the changes Australia & NZ need in productivity, digitisation and innovation. Creating the highest possible value insights... More

Helping to articulate and accelerate the changes Australia & NZ need in productivity, digitisation and innovation.

Creating the highest possible value insights for our community of business and technology professionals, responsible for >50% of Australia’s GDP. Codifying success to help them reach their personal and organisational goals. Helping them articulate the value of an aligned and executed tech strategy to gain the resources and executive support they need.

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