Maranda McLaren’s journey to becoming the Head of Product Strategy at ADAPT is a story of diverse and varied experiences.

Her career has spanned an array of different roles—from managing supply chains to leading marketing teams and even a brief period as a CIO.  

Now, at ADAPT, she’s bringing all these experiences together in a unique way. 


A Career of Many Colours 

Maranda’s career path is as colourful as it is impressive. She’s dipped her toes in many fields: big companies, small startups, government roles, you name it.  

This variety hasn’t just been for the thrill; it’s given her a unique lens through which to view the business world, something that’s a treasure trove in her role at ADAPT. 


Why ADAPT?  

When Maranda was looking for her next challenge, ADAPT caught her eye. It wasn’t just the job that appealed to her; it was also the company culture.  

She knew people who worked there, like Matt Boon, and their stories about what it’s like at ADAPT and the focus on customers resonated with her.  

This environment has allowed Maranda to flourish, applying her diverse experience in a place that values innovation and customer satisfaction. 


Turning Data into Gold 

In her role, Maranda orchestrates data and insights from top Australian executives. 

Her mission is to turn all this information into strategies and tools that other executives can use to make their mark.  

It’s a big task, but it’s a thrilling challenge for someone with Maranda’s background. 


ADAPTing with Agility 

One of the critical aspects of Maranda’s role at ADAPT is the emphasis on quick, effective decision-making.  

A central guiding question – “Are we doing the best for our clients?” – ensures that the company remains agile and responsive, constantly adjusting to serve its clients better. 


A Blend of Experience and Innovation 

Maranda’s path to her role at ADAPT showcases the value of having a broad range of professional experiences in today’s fast-paced business environment.  

ADAPT has given her a platform to combine diverse skills and innovate in product strategy. 


ADAPT has some of the most innovative, clever, passionate and friendly people you’ll meet. 

With staff across 3 continents and originating from all around the world, ADAPT has cultivated a truly diverse culture that celebrates our individuality while uniting across a shared goal. 

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