In this community interview, Chaminda Ranasinghe, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at RMIT talks about the need for organisations, including universities, to undergo transformational change at scale in order to stay relevant in a rapidly changing world.

The catalysts for this transformation are disruptions in the marketplace and changing audience expectations. Chaminda emphasises the importance of aligning digital transformation with the overall organisational strategy and constantly measuring and dashboarding the value generated.

He stresses the need for a cultural shift in organisations to prioritise data, insights, and performance-driven decision-making.

Chaminda also highlights the role of people and culture in driving successful transformational change. He believes that digital transformation is about more than just technology and processes, it is about creating the right environment and empowering the right people.


Key Takeaways:

  • Rather than attempting to change the entire organisation or drive end-to-end transformation, the approach is to start small and gradually expand. By initially demonstrating the value of an initiative, the focus then shifts towards scaling it effectively.
  • The most significant catalyst we have witnessed in recent years is the sudden disruption caused by the pandemic, which accelerated the occurrence of predicted trends that were expected to unfold over a period of five to ten years. This unprecedented shift in the marketplace and the immediate change in audience expectations became the pivotal driving force for transformation.
  • We have encountered two primary drivers of change: the first being the shift in our operating environment, and the subsequent disruption caused by the changing market dynamics.
Chaminda Ranasinghe Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at RMIT University
An accomplished senior executive leader with 25 years of deep subject matter expertise in digital, marketing and technology within iconic multinational organisations... More

An accomplished senior executive leader with 25 years of deep subject matter expertise in digital, marketing and technology within iconic multinational organisations in the financial services, utilities, automotive, retail, travel and education sectors. Diverse experience at transforming organisations into innovative, profitable and market leading digital businesses across the globe.

Strong reputation for leading cross-functional teams that deliver customer focussed outcomes while delivering exceptional business results, with a proven approach of focussing on people and culture first. Recognised for driving significant business growth while revolutionising customer experience by balancing a deep understanding of digital and technology, strong commercial acumen and a transformational leadership style. Able to motivate teams to achieve exceptional performance with an inclusive, lead by example style that fosters a culture of collaboration, innovation and a dedication to excellence. A passion for serving people, solving customer problems, building teams and purpose-led organisations that can thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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