Angela Coble, Managing Director and Client Group Technology Officer at Accenture Australia, offers her valuable insights into the evolving landscape of risk management and technological innovation within organisations.

With a focus on understanding and adapting the appetite for risk, Angela emphasises the need to push boundaries to foster innovation, all while upholding ethical and fiduciary duties.


Expanding the Horizon of Risk

In a conversation with Peter Hind, ADAPT’s Principal Research Analyst, Angela encourages organisations to not just manage but embrace risk as a path to growth.

Adjusting and understanding the appetite for risk allows businesses to innovate responsibly and sustainably.


The Dynamic Nature of Risk Strategies

She talks about the need for risk strategies that evolve with technological advancements. This adaptability ensures organisations remain resilient, prepared for future challenges, and can seize new opportunities.


Building Collaborative Networks

Angela champions the creation of diverse networks of allies and trusted advisors. Expanding collaboration enriches decision-making, fosters a culture of innovation, and nurtures mutual respect among stakeholders.


Prioritisation and Resource Allocation

Through structured prioritisation and governance, Angela highlights the importance of aligning resources with strategic objectives. This approach ensures that investments focus on projects with the greatest potential for impact.


Technology Adoption with Purpose

Finally, Angela advises adopting technology with a clear focus on solving organisational challenges. This ensures that investments in new technologies are both strategic and impactful, delivering real value to the business.

Angela joins 150 CIOs and IT leaders at CIO Edge, discussing How to Prioritise and Lead a Progressive Technology Strategy.


Key Takeaways:

  • Risk Appetite Expansion: Leaders should expand their organisations’ risk appetite thoughtfully to encourage innovation.
  • Adaptive Risk Strategies: Risk management strategies must evolve with technological progress to maintain resilience and exploit new opportunities.
  • Collaborative Networks: Building diverse relationships within the business ecosystem is crucial for enhanced decision-making and innovation.
  • Strategic Prioritisation: Effective governance and resource allocation are key to aligning with strategic goals and optimising impact.
  • Purposeful Technology Adoption: Technologies should be adopted based on their potential to address specific organisational challenges, ensuring investments deliver meaningful outcomes.
Peter Hind Principal Research Analyst
Peter Hind has spent the last 25 years as an analyst and commentator on the ICT industry. He says his primary areas... More

Peter Hind has spent the last 25 years as an analyst and commentator on the ICT industry. He says his primary areas of interest are the potential of technology to transform the way organisations operate, the change management obstacles executives encounter in realising this potential and the tactics and techniques leaders have deployed to overcome these difficulties.

Peter now takes on multiple roles within ADAPT including the moderation of private events and roundtables, interviewing business executives about the strategies they are pursuing and assisting with the structuring of our delegate surveys and the interrogation and analysis of ADAPT’s treasure trove of end-user and C-level data

Angela Coble Managing Director and Client Group Technology Officer at Accenture Australia
A contagious optimist, energiser and entrepreneur, welcomed into the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2023 for service to business, Angela thrive’s helping... More

A contagious optimist, energiser and entrepreneur, welcomed into the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2023 for service to business, Angela thrive’s helping others as a co-founder and executive director, author, holder of registered IP and copyright, and partnering with exceptional leaders as a Managing Director within Accenture. Enabling people and business to grow and succeed is her legacy.

As a co-founder of Leadonera Pty Ltd and the registered IP of Leadonera®, Angela created new concepts, frameworks and identified unique career pathways that combine to accelerate our next generation of leaders whilst remaining focused on her gender diversity purpose to advance and retain more women in leadership.

As a former MNC Executive CIO & Executive Director Business Transformation, Angela has deep commercial experience in Strategy, Governance, Organisational Design and Risk coupled with the pace of being a Technology Executive balancing the P&L with growth, innovation and experimentation.

As a Managing Director with Accenture, leverages her vast experience in technology, leadership and diversity to partner with c-Suite and Board’s to support organisations to accelerate their digital ambition and reimagine their business models for sustainable growth. Supporting not-for-profits, public and listed companies (ASX100), Angela navigate’s the balance of short-term requirements and long-term goals to accelerate the digital journey to unlock value, deliver improved employee and customer experiences and reimagine organisations for better outcomes.

A lifelong learner, in 2023 submitted her thesis for the award of Doctorate by Research (UniSQ) for an industry-first empirical study to examine the Technology Leadership Context in Australia with findings applied to improving gender diversity in executive teams. Angela’s research answers the matter of competency and capability complement and the model of the future technology leader, discovering a new pathway for the Australian Technology Executive. Leaning into academia, Angela expanded her intellectual curiosity in Leadership & Digital Transformation, studying at international faculties with MIT and Oxford.

Fulfilling her passion for Women in Leadership, Angela support events, charities, and programs to continue to advance the next generation of leaders. An advocate for advancing leaders, mentoring, coaching talent, and delivering inclusive programs, Angela volunteers her time aligned to purpose as a speaker, regularly contribute to publications, and enjoy’s audiobooks and walking for wellbeing.

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