Michael Kollo, the CEO of Evolved AI, tackles the task of making the most out of the second wave of AI, cutting through the noise to find the true value it offers.  

He shifts the AI conversation from lofty dreams to real-world uses, stepping into the shoes of a CIO with a hypothetical scenario set in a financial services firm to underline the need for a solid grasp of AI’s capabilities and impact. 


A four-stage strategy for AI integration 

Michael proposes a detailed four-step strategy for embedding generative AI within an organisation:  


Stage 1 – Discovery 

Initially, it’s all about understanding the capabilities and potential of AI technologies, like GPT-4, to revolutionise various tasks and processes. 


Stage 2 – Definition 

Next, we pinpoint practical uses for AI within our organisation, focusing on document handling, customer engagement, and assessing AI’s economic impact on job roles across sectors. 


Stage 3 – Development 

Then, we move on to brainstorming and prioritising AI use cases, from administrative support to financial research, always keeping an eye on the balance between opportunity and risk. 


Stage 4 – Deployment 

Lastly, the challenge is to roll out AI solutions while managing employees’ fears and expectations, ensuring everyone feels included and valued in this technological leap forward. 

With profound investments pouring into generative AI and new opportunities emerging, he signals a green light for organisations to jump on board promptly. 


Tackling deployment hurdles 

Bringing AI into the workplace isn’t without its hurdles, particularly when it comes to changing employee perceptions and understanding.  

Michael points out the need for customised training across various teams and age groups to ease AI anxieties and champion its adoption.  

He pushes for a sensible take on managing AI’s role and risk levels, aiming to boost rather than jeopardise staff wellbeing and job security. 


Embracing change at the right speed 

It’s critical to find a balance—innovating at a pace that matches the organisation’s adaptability.  

This careful approach ensures that the shift towards AI doesn’t disrupt but rather enriches workplace harmony and direction. 


Key Takeaways: 

Education and Challenges: Customised learning is key to demystifying AI across different teams, helping everyone onboard with the technology. 

Sensible Ownership and Risk Management: AI should add to the workplace, safeguarding jobs and employee satisfaction, all while aligning with the organisation’s ability to embrace new tech. 

Steady Innovation: Keep the pace of AI adoption in check with the organisation’s readiness, ensuring innovation strengthens rather than unsettles the workforce’s unity and focus. 

Dr. Michael G. Kollo CEO at Evolved.AI
I am the CEO of Evolved Reasoning, a Generative AI – based company that provides education materials for conferences, workshops and presentations... More

I am the CEO of Evolved Reasoning, a Generative AI – based company that provides education materials for conferences, workshops and presentations for executive business leaders looking to understand, trust and deploy artificial intelligence solutions, especially Generative AI models like ChatGPT in their businesses.

With offer a pragmatic business lens on what is otherwise a deep experience set in the algorithmic component and capabilities of complex AI systems. My co-founder and I are both experienced technical business leaders, and we love working with organisations at all levels of competence. In fact, we really enjoy bringing high performing executive teams on the AI journey from a business strategy perspective.

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