Pascal Gautheron, Head of Bain’s Enterprise Technology Practice in Asia-Pacific, dives into what the future holds for enterprise technology.  

Approaching the subject from the perspective of a Chief Information Officer (CIO), Pascal pinpoints the blend of readiness, deep tech knowledge, and anticipation of what’s next as key to fuelling business growth.  

He sets the stage by pinpointing six trends that are likely to steer the course of enterprise technology in the years ahead. 


The six big trends on the horizon

These trends cover a broad spectrum: from the surge in customer and supply chain interactions, the rise of connected intelligence, and the shift towards decentralised data usage, to the embrace of open-source software, the ever-important cyber security, and the quickening pace of agile practices.  

Pascal talks about the vital mix of mindset and skill sets required to extract real value from tech investments, urging enterprises to stay nimble in the face of tech evolution.  

He touches on the transformative effects of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI, noting their significant impact on enterprise tech. 


AI’s pivotal role and strategic partnerships

Pascal wraps up by spotlighting how AI, especially generative AI, is set to fast-track these trends and revolutionise how businesses operate.  

He points out that managing scale and complexity is crucial for the effective implementation of these changes. 

Collaboration between CEOs and CIOs is vital for navigating the shifting landscape of enterprise technology. 

He advocates for forging strategic partnerships with cloud service providers and aligning business models with technological possibilities for future success. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Technological trends: Engage with the expanding world of customer and supply chain interactions beyond just mobile. Move towards a future where AI is seamlessly woven into the fabric of enterprise operations. Embrace open standards and the spirit of data sharing. 
  • Implications and challenges: The real task is making the most out of increased tech spending, focusing on the right mindset and skill sets rather than just pouring money into tech. 
  • Cyber security and resilience: These are essential in reducing the risks that come with tech advances. Businesses need to refine their operating models to be in sync with tech opportunities, emphasising the importance of synergy between CEOs and CIOs in spearheading organisational change
Pascal Gautheron Head of Enterprise Technology Practice in Asia-Pacific at Bain & Company
Pascal Gautheron leads Bain’s Enterprise Technology practice in Asia-Pacific. He is also a member of our Financial Services practices. He has 20... More

Pascal Gautheron leads Bain’s Enterprise Technology practice in Asia-Pacific. He is also a member of our Financial Services practices. He has 20 years of experience shaping the largest technology-enabled banking transformations across Asia Pacific.

In his role at Bain, Pascal supports large organizations in designing and delivering results from technology-centric business transformations. His areas of focus include digital and core systems transformations, next generation technology architectures, agile at scale and IT strategy.

Prior to Bain, Pascal was a managing director within a global consulting and systems integration firm for nearly 20 years, most recently as the Banking Industry Lead for Australia. During this time, he supported the design, establishment and review of Australia’s big four banks’ core, digital or technology transformations and some of Asia Pacific’s largest banking transformations.

Before this, he held a number of positions in the firm’s digital venture, strategy consulting and industry consulting practices, where he supported the firm’s investments in new digital ventures, managed relationships with the firm’s largest clients and led the development of emerging technology-based offerings. Pascal presented on banking and technology across a number of professional forums in China, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Pascal began his career as an engineer in Stuttgart, Paris and Sydney working in the automotive industry with Mercedes Benz and in the defense industry with Thales.

Pascal holds an MBA from the Groupe HEC in France and a Bachelors of Operation Management and Engineering Physics from Miami University in USA.

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