Gabby Fredkin, Head of Data and Analytics at ADAPT emphasises the importance of IT-business alignment and the pursuit of exponential value in organisational initiatives.

Improving operational effectiveness and building a secure and trusted organisation are top priorities for many organisations, driven by external factors like the current economic climate and the impact of data breaches on customer trust.

A live poll identifies the root causes behind challenges in aligning IT with business priorities, including budget constraints and a lack of visibility across departments.

Gabby shares insights on how effective organisations capture value from their operations and ecosystems. He highlights that effective organisations invest in skills development and data literacy while navigating the opportunities and challenges presented by AI and generative technologies.

The decision tree illustrates the factors that influence an organisation’s ability to capture value from ecosystems, emphasising the importance of digitisation, security, performance dashboards, metrics, and API integration.

There is a need for alignment between IT and business priorities and effective strategies for capturing value from operations and ecosystems in today’s complex business landscape.


Key Takeaways:

  • People who are ineffective at capturing value from their operations also struggle with legacy mindsets and processes. They also tend to struggle with the technology debt. Modernisation is crucially important in order to become exponential.
  • In the realm of exponential growth, organisations prioritise skill development, particularly in the context of AI-driven initiatives. When organisations maintain a high level of data literacy, they are more inclined to recognise the effectiveness of deep learning and neural networks in driving their data strategies. Therefore, the key factor here is the level of data literacy within the organisation.
  • Organisations that excel in capturing ecosystem value leverage performance dashboards and strategic KPIs while emphasising robust API integration for interconnectivity and data-driven decision-making.
Gabby Fredkin Head of Data & Analytics
With a passion for creating stories with data, Gabby is consistently rated as one of the top speakers at ADAPT Events. In... More

With a passion for creating stories with data, Gabby is consistently rated as one of the top speakers at ADAPT Events. In round table discussions, he specialises in using statistics to initiate thought-provoking discussions. Gabby is effective in translating information into insights, enabling ADAPT’s customers to become more data-driven.​