Peter Smith

Group Finance Manager at Toll Group

Peter Smith is an experienced finance manager of consolidation reporting systems in large global corporates. He is currently group financial reporting manager for Toll Group, a global logistics organisation providing warehousing, transportation and freight forwarding supply chain solutions operating in over 30 countries through more than a dozen business units.

His has experience with consolidation reporting roles in the beverages, resources and manufacturing industries and has managed financial reporting using Hyperion, SAP, JD Edwards and Oracle systems.

“A financial reporting manager relies on the consolidation reporting tool to perform in a reliable and consistent manner to achieve timely and accurate financial outcomes within the constraint of the month-end reporting cycle. The tool needs to be flexible and easy-to-use for various users to access information for analysis purposes and provide a high-degree of integrity to demonstrate control and auditability. The OneStream system is excellent in providing this capability.”


Experience with OneStream

Toll Group has been a OneStream customer for the past year and has implemented an actual and budget reporting solution which has streamlined its reporting architecture from 4 consolidation systems to one integrated management and statutory reporting tool.

OneStream has built a relationship with Toll and its system integrator firm, James & Munroe. The OneStream team has remained engaged and supportive of Toll throughout its implementation project.

Toll uses the OneStream cloud-based offering which simplifies Toll’s internal IT requirements and resourcing. The various business solutions available within the OneStream marketplace are accessible as and when Toll believes it is ready to deploy, based in its business priorities or level of finance maturity.