Nipun Sharma

Enterprise Architect at Komatsu

Data and AI strategist/evangelist, an analytics enthusiast, thrive on creativity and curiosity. Keen on learning and applying, adopting new skills and technologies. Broad and deep understanding of business and technical aspects of Decision intelligence using Data & Analytics, Intelligent Automation, IIoT, Mixed Reality, ML and AI.

I am an AI Catalyst with the organisation and help business units understand and implement the right opportunity with AI.

Over 16 years of professional experience spanning various industries, including Manufacturing, Retail, Aviation, and Utilities, I have worked on numerous Business analytics, strategic and tactical engagements. The skills acquired over this period have always led to delivering solutions that help the business leverage data in the most efficient and optimised way.

My key responsibilities are not limited to understanding business challenges and executing strategies to transform businesses using the latest technological capabilities advancements.

I help address and resolve challenges and roadblocks, operationalise Data and AI requirements to gain “Value” for people. I also advise on the right tools and evaluate non-functional attributes such as security, usability, stability. I work as/with program/project management to deliver strategic projects from POC’s, discovery, change management, Data and AI platform design to implementation and operations that follow a XOps process with constant evolution in environments and architectures.

I create competencies and identify champions/potentials within BU’s to nurture individuals as citizen development with self-service BI, Automation and application.