Originally published in ITWire

From an opening keynote by Anthony Murfett, the Head of the Technology and National Security Division of the Dept of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources, through to presentations from NetApp, Zetaris, AWS, Commpete, UNSW, Microsoft, Optus, Kinde, Patyron, Nozomi Networks, Logicalis, Stone & Chalk and more, with a closing keynote from Federal Minister for Industry and Science Ed Husic, Influencing.com’s conference is a must-watch event.

Founded by former technology and business journalist Phil Sim, Influencing.com has grown from a site focused on tech media and PR, including a media database and press release distribution, to an organisation that also does media monitoring, PR software, IT journalism awards and impressive tech conferences, which is now the TechLeaders 2022 event.

There’s more, too, as you’ll see in the videos below, with Influencing.com CEO Phil Sim announcing his team is working on a video and transcription service that will enhance articles and the ability to quote speakers and deliver information within articles in a way no-one else offers, which is certainly impressive, and which will benefit the public, journalists, PR and companies alike.

The company’s conferences started life as Kickstart events and have evolved over more than a decade, having long since been rebranded as TechLeaders, and provide benefits to media and their audiences, and to vendors, analysts, academics, public servants and government ministers, bringing them together for two days in a way that is unique.

Every other event is either a single media event for a single company, or a tech conference that a single company has put on, or an exhibition.

No other event is so dedicated in bringing this group of people together in such a focused way to share information, provide interview and one-on-one opportunities, networking, education, to have fun, and to foster better relations amongst all – and all in just two days.

On hold during the pandemic, the event was back again in full swing over the 21st and 22nd of August, 2022, at the Fairmont Resort in the Blue Mountains, and given the world seems to finally be reaching the end of the pandemic, being together with industry colleagues once more was very valuable experience.

In simple terms, the conference is broken into daily sessions which cover a cross-section of the IT industry.

These topics are broken down into themes based on the topics being selected by participating companies, but recent years have featured sessions themed around issues like cloud computing, cyber security, personal technology, AI, communications, IT management, data centres, networking and productivity applications.

The full TechLeaders 2022 event can be watched below, so you too can see what all of these speakers and the companies they represent had to say and share. Aside from the opening and closing keynotes, each presenter had five minutes to share their message, so the information shared is very accessible.

Following each of the main sessions, the journalists across different tables were able to speak with the presenters to ask further questions, and because of the loud conversation happening throughout, it wasn’t ideal to film these on-table interactions, but the videos below certainly allow you to see the main messages shared – and the speakers are definitely well worth listening to.

So, here is the event in full! I have broken the conference down by speaker, with the sessions set to start from each speaker’s start, but if you keep on watching beyond a speaker who started first, except for the first speaker where the introduction will be included, after the video will continue until that session ends.

Whether you choose to continue watching or want to skip to a particular speaker from the list below is up to you, so please watch and enjoy, and a big thanks to Phil Sim and his team for not only putting on the event, but letting me record it all on video.