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Is Australia innovating for our real future? Are we on the right path for the future we now face?

Innovation opportunities are ready and waiting for businesses eager to push onward, but how do we prepare our teams to excel in a post-pandemic work environment?

And as an economy, how does Australia ensure it is embracing a diverse array of businesses and opportunities to be ready for the many possibilities and challenges that lie ahead?

The right ideas and the right skills hold the keys to Australia’s future – our experts share their thoughts on how we can set the conditions for business staff and business leaders to take us where we need to go.



  • Matt Boon – Director, Strategic Research, ADAPT
  • Murray Hurps – Director of Entrepreneurship, UTS
  • Maria MacNamara – Director of Government Relations and Innovation Strategy, Kyndryl


Show notes:

Turbulence is at the heart of economic forecasts today. Geopolitics, climate and ongoing COVID-19 impacts paint an uncertain future that requires fast-thinking leadership to navigate the challenges and opportunities within and around our businesses.

For all the talk of transformation in recent years, the Australian economy is a long way behind the world when it comes to embracing new ideas and opportunities. From hybrid working environments to skills challenges and enabling new opportunities in innovation, how do we create the conditions for staff, for businesses and for innovators to create a more robust Australian economy?

We explore the need for real transformation in Australian business, from the fundamentals of hybrid work to the need for greater on-shore capabilities given the combined geopolitical, environmental and health crises of recent times. And are we giving the next generation of entrepreneurs the right tools to succeed in a changing global market?

Plus additional thoughts on how industry and government can work together to encourage greater skill development and job creation across the next wave of key innovation sectors.


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