James Koch

CEO at CulturAlchemy

James weaves his leadership experience through the education, finance, social and manufacturing sectors together with an advanced practice of facilitation and coaching. As Co-Founder and CEO of CulturAlchemy, he dedicates his time to the seemingly magical and practically scientific task of purposefully shifting organisational culture.

The last decade has seen James partnering with C-Suite and Senior Leaders and their teams in the often-messy middle of their transformation paradigms and contexts. This important work is focused on discovering new perspectives, shaping direction and developing the subtle yet strong capability required to influence culture by design.

James is known as a space creator. Space for insight to be nurtured, artfully held and turned into positive impact for the individual, organisation, and ultimately the communities they serve.

For fun, other than the above, James, in cahoots with his amazing wife, focuses energy into loving and leading his family. Kids everywhere – one in University, two in College and two in Primary School. In between uber-driving you’ll find James in his garden, booking the next family holiday and enjoying a quality G&T.