Eglantine Etiemble

CTO at PEXA & 3rd place in CIO.50 '24

Global executive. Eglantine is a versatile global executive. She has delivered complex projects and led teams in 20 different countries in Europe, the US and Asia-Pacific in consulting and manufacturing.

In-house transformer. Eglantine is a catalyst for innovation and business transformation, She has a demonstrable track record in projects as diverse as a new operating model with supporting ERP systems implementation, transformation through technology, mergers and acquisitions and introduction of new ways of working (introduction of Agile, flexible working arrangements).

Strategist. Eglantine has expertise in co-designing business strategy with executive peers, transforming business objectives and challenges into an IT strategy through leadership, collaboration and influence, and enabling executive peers to leverage IT effectively.

Inspiring leader. Eglantine takes leadership seriously. She is able to articulate a clear vision, and her strategic clarity and understanding of human nature equip her to lead and mobilise even teams struggling with change. She is strongly committed to inclusion and has built teams that balance gender, age and background diversity.

Coach and mentor. Eglantine provides informal coaching to her peers on how technology contributes to business transformation, cultural change or operational efficiency through curated articles, conferences, organised sessions with thought leaders and individual conversations.

Startup founder. In her spare time, Eglantine is building Boomerang Factory, a startup that helps employees develop new skills and competencies through designed experiential learning happening via internships in other organisations.