ADAPT Edge Event Registration Terms & Conditions

Updated: 22nd July 2021



Welcome, and thank you for your interest in registering to attend this ADAPT Edge Event (“Event”).

This Event is organised and delivered by ADAPT Ventures Pty Ltd (“ADAPT/we/us/our”), a specialist local Research & Advisory firm that provides ANZ executive leaders with access to global thought-leadership content, industry-leading events, peer networking and local market insights to help them perform in their professional roles.

ADAPT has been a leader in the events industry since 2011 with an esteemed track record of delivering highly rated conferences for the region’s top executives from some of the most influential enterprise and government organisations.

By registering for this Event you agree that you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”).

All the Terms set out in this agreement exist to enable us to deliver a positive experience for our registered delegates (“Attendee/s”, “you”, “your”) before, during and after the Event.

Registering on behalf of another person

If you are registering on behalf of another person, it is your obligation to make sure that the person attending is aware of these Terms and accepts them. By completing and submitting the registration form you are represent and warrant that you have made the person attending aware of these Terms and that they have accepted these Terms.

Invitation-only access to the Event

To ensure we bring together the highest calibre of business leaders, unless otherwise stated this private Event is by invitation-only and not open to the general public.

You warrant that you have received a digital, verbal or physical invitation directly from an ADAPT Staff member. We reserve the right to review and reject any registrations or person(s) who did not receive an invitation to the Event.

Additional Definitions:

In these Terms:

  • “Edge Experience App” or “App” refers to the Event mobile application that is designed to organise your onsite experience, sessions, meetings and enable networking with other Attendees and Strategic Partners.
  • “Meeting” refer to formal and informal conversations conducted with Event Strategic Partners.
  • “Staff” refers to ADAPT full-time and part-time employees, casuals and contractors.
  • “Strategic Partner” refers to 3rd party organisations and their representatives who have sponsored the Event to reach, connect, and engage in a meaningful manner with Attendees.

Changes to these Terms

These Terms apply to you from the date of publishing and until these Terms are superseded by a new version. We may update these Terms at any time. Updates come into effect once the updated Terms are made available on our website.

Contact Us:

We have done our best to explain the Terms of this agreement as clearly as possible, however, should you have any questions please contact your account manager for further clarification or seek your own independent advice.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

Our registered office address is Level 25, 31 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000.


Health & Safety:

ADAPT adhere to the latest local regulations regarding public health to ensure we’re delivering a safe experience for our Attendees, Strategic Partners and Staff.

As an Attendee you agree to follow the health policies, government and public health directives and directions provided by both venue and ADAPT Staff at the Event.

To learn more about the enhanced hygiene and safety measures, please click on the relevant event venue below:


Photography, Audio & Video Recording:

Recording by ADAPT Staff – Privacy Consent and Talent release

By attending this Event you consent to ADAPT recording the Event (by way of video, audio and photographic means), as well as any sessions or interviews that you may participate in and public areas in the venue. You acknowledge that your voice and/or appearance may be present in these recordings. You consent to ADAPT using these recordings for its business purposes (including to promote ADAPT and future events).

If you do not consent to being recorded, you have the choice to leave the Event sessions and/or venue. You agree to permit us, or any third party licensed by us, to use, distribute, broadcast, or otherwise globally disseminate your likeness, name, voice and words in perpetuity in television, radio, film, newspapers, magazines and other media now available and hereafter developed, both before, during and any time after the Event, and in any form, without any further approval from you or any payment to you.

This grant includes the right to edit the media, the right to use the media (alone or together with other information), and the right to allow others to use or distribute the media.

Recording by Attendees and Strategic Partners

Due to the prevalence of mobile recording devices, ADAPT disclaims all liability for the capture, usage or distribution of your image (video, audio or photo) by Attendees or Strategic Partners in any multimedia format at the Event. By attending you acknowledge and agree to not hold ADAPT responsible for any such occurrence.



We pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional experience for our Attendees with an immense amount of preparation, resource investment and coordination going into putting the Event together for the local executive community.

As an invited Attendee your registration and participation at the Event is complimentary and while there is no financial penalty for cancellation, we request that professional courtesy is extended to us if you cannot attend as changes or cancellations can result in adjustments that impact other Attendees.

Should you need to cancel or change your itinerary, we ask that you:

  • Provide as much notice as possible to your account manager
  • Attend the majority part of the Event as a partial Attendee; and/or
  • provide an alternative Attendee representative of equal professional standing (similar seniority and responsibility) from your organisation. Replacement Attendee participation is subject to ADAPT approval.

On rare occasions it may be necessary for us to cancel or postpone an Event. We will give you as much notice as we possibly can, however cancellations may occur at short notice due to factors beyond our control. We are not liable for any loss arising from the cancellation of an Event under any circumstances.


Accommodation & Hospitality:

Complimentary accommodation may be provided to interstate and select qualified Attendees. This service is subject to our review and approval on a per Attendee basis. To see if you qualify, please speak with your account manager.

If approved, you are welcome to bring a partner or guest to share your room however they will not be provided access to the Event or general hospitalities intended for Attendees.

Any additional nights, incidentals, or venue services that incur a fee/cost are the Attendees responsibility.

Onsite Event hospitality may include refreshments, all-day Barista made coffee, lunch and snacks provided by the venue, and is subject to change at our discretion.

While we make every effort to accommodate specific dietary requirements ADAPT will not be held responsible for the quality or potential adverse reactions to any food or beverages consumed by Attendees at the Event.

If you are required to declare event costs for probity; ADAPT invests over $1,500 AUD per Attendee in onsite costs. You may pay a nominal fee for probity or for your own accommodation costs if required.

Legislation and government and private policies may apply to the provision of complementary services. You will, at all times, comply with such policies and obtain all necessary internal authorisations and comply with any disclosure requirements in relation to the services being offered.


Event Profile Submissions:


To facilitate a customised Event experience and networking opportunities we require several necessary materials to be submitted by each Attendee.

These materials include, but are not limited to;

  • A head-shot photo
  • A professional bio/profile
  • Organisation/Company logo
  • Organisation bio/profile
  • Contact details

All materials are submitted via a secure digital web portal that Attendees can access via personal login details that are provided upon finalisation of your registration. We will maintain these materials in accordance with our Privacy Policy and all relevant Privacy laws.


Through the web portal you will also be given access to select your preferred Roundtable sessions to help us build you a custom itinerary for the Event. You will be provided the opportunity to give feedback and request changes to your itinerary closer to the day of the Event.


Roundtable Session Participation:

Chatham House Rule for Engagement

To foster greater collaboration and shared insights from executive peers Event roundtable sessions operate under the Chatham House Rule. This means that comments or information shared by Attendees, ADAPT Staff or Strategic Partners during the discussion are available to be shared outside the session, however the source (Individual or Company – whether identified by name or description) of which the content originated is considered private and confidential and cannot be disclosed. No recording (audio, video or photographic) by Attendees is permitted during these sessions. We reserve the right to remove any Attendee who does not abide by these requirements.

Scheduling Conflicts and Availability

Prior to the Event, Attendees will have the ability to select their preferred roundtable sessions that they would like to participate in via our Event web portal. This information is cross-referenced and taken into consideration with scheduled Strategic Partner meetings to build a custom itinerary for each Attendee.

On the day you may request to attend additional roundtable sessions by speaking with onsite Staff. Participation in additional sessions is subject to Staff approval and conditional on the session timing not conflicting with an existing or pre-arranged Strategic Partner Meeting.

Participation in sessions may be subject to availability due to venue capacity restrictions.


Pre-Event Insights Survey:

One of the primary reasons we attract leading executive Attendees to ADAPT Events is we’re able to provide unique localised insights into the current trends and top priorities of the ANZ executive community.

Through direct feedback from Attendees, this peer insight is of great value in enabling them to better validate strategies, build strategic plans and explore new approaches to improving operational effectiveness.

All Attendees will complete a Survey prior to the Event covering a range of topics including, but not limited to; business objectives, barriers to execution, innovation and areas of investment priority. This data is summarised by ADAPT analyst Staff and utilised to create benchmarking content for on-site presentations, roundtable sessions and additional post-event research content.

Survey data provided is also used by ADAPT to intelligently match and schedule you with Strategic Partners for onsite (in person or virtual) meetings to help ensure you’re connecting with the most relevant local suppliers.

Additionally, to save you time repeating yourself in meetings and to ensure interactions with Strategic Partners are as of maximum value, each Event Strategic Partner is provided with a digital PDF copy of individual Attendee survey results and briefed by ADAPT Staff in the best means to engage Attendees onsite and post-Event. This may include personal information of those involved in your business. You will ensure that all required privacy consents are in place for disclosure of this information and its use in accordance with these terms.

Completion of the Survey is a required step in finalising and confirming your registration to attend the Event. By registering and completing the Survey you agree to the general business usage outlined in these Terms and in accordance with ADAPT’s Privacy Policy. Should you wish to have your survey responses excluded from usage, please contact your account manager.

The information provided in response to the survey may be commercially important to your organisation. You warrant that you have the authority from your organisation to provide this information to us. We will not share your strategic information with your competitors, other than in a de-identified way.


Participation in Onsite (In-Person or Virtual) Meetings:

While there is no direct monetary fee to participate in this Event, as an invitation-only Attendee, we require each Attendee to participate in a series of pre-qualified meetings with Event Strategic Partners arranged prior to and during the Event.

Our intent is to ensure these meetings are of maximum value to you by ensuring you are intelligently matched with the most relevant Strategic Partners.

Prior to the Event you will be provided with a list of confirmed Strategic Partners along with a capability profile on each for you to identify which Strategic Partners you would prefer to meet with. Using this information, plus the data provided in your pre-Event survey, we will intelligently match you with a mixture of 1:1 Meetings with your preferences, as well as Strategic Partners who have capabilities aligned to your investment plans and business priorities.

Your meetings will be scheduled into your custom itinerary which can be accessed prior to the Event and on the day via the Event App. You have the right to request a change in any Meetings via your account manager should you believe there is not a reasonable alignment with the Strategic Partner. ADAPT however, reserves the right to make all final decisions regarding the scheduling of meetings.

This proven model has made ADAPT a leader in the executive event industry with hundreds of testimonials attesting to the value of engaging with Strategic Partners onsite and our genuine and honest approach.


Strategic Partner Engagement & Communications:

ADAPT’s Strategic Partner model provides Attendees with the unique opportunity to conveniently meet and engage with suppliers that can support the achievement and delivery of business objectives. It enables Attendees the opportunity to connect directly with Strategic Partner representatives to establish business relationships, learn about new technologies or tools and align capabilities with planned investments.

All our Strategic Partners are qualified to participate in the Event by ADAPT approval only and are guided by ADAPT Staff in the best approach to add value in Attendee engagements.

By registering for this Event you agree for ADAPT to provide your basic contact information (Name, Title, Company Name, Company Phone, Mobile Contact Number in our records) to the Event Strategic Partners, together with your survey responses, and grant them the permission to keep you informed of their products, services, promotions and offerings. ADAPT will only provide your email address and mobile number to Strategic Partners with whom you have had a direct in-person or digital interaction via a 1:1 meeting or via the Event App.

At any point in time, it is your right to withdraw your marketing consent with individual Strategic Partner by unsubscribing through the instructions provided in their communications. For questions about how a Strategic Partner will handle your information, please refer to their privacy policy.


Event Mobile App & Edge Portal:

The Edge Event Mobile App is designed to be a central place to help you manage your entire onsite experience at the Event.

Through the App you’ll have access to your itinerary, scheduled Meetings, Event agenda and the ability to digitally network and coordinate informal meetings with other Attendees and Strategic Partners. By creating your Event profile via the Event web portal, your profile will be discoverable and visible in the App to other Event Attendees and Strategic Partners.

By using the Event App, you agree to ADAPT’s website terms of use and Privacy Policy.


ADAPT Communications & Marketing:

Event Attendee Communications and Messaging

In the lead up to, during and after the Event, ADAPT will provide communication to Attendees via email, SMS, telephone and post to keep you informed of important logistics, general updates, submission dates, related content, special offers and other activities relevant to your Event experience.

At any stage you may opt-out of receiving these communications via the instructions provided in the individual message delivered. However, please be aware that this will mean we will be unable to communicate important information regarding Event logistics, keynote presentations, 1:1 Meetings, roundtable sessions and other related updates that may adversely affect your Event experience.

Association with the Event and ADAPT

By registering for this Event, you grant us the permission to use your details (Name, Title, Company, Logo) in ADAPT communications as an Event Attendee. This includes, but is not limited to, reference as a current or past Event Attendee and any positive testimonial provided via an optional post-event feedback survey which may be used in ADAPT post-event and general marketing communications.

ADAPT Newsletter, Future Events, Products and Other Information

ADAPT offers a range of services, products, Events and proprietary research content that is designed to equip local executives and their teams with the insights they need to deliver in their professional roles. By registering for this Event you agree to receive ADAPT communications regarding, but not limited to, news, Event invitations, promotions, and research content via email, telephone, SMS or post in accordance with ADAPT’s Privacy Policy. At any point in time you can simply opt-out from these communications by following the instructions provided in the individual message. Should you wish for us not to keep you informed with these communications, please contact us at or speak with your account manager.


Limited Liability:

You acknowledge and agree that views expressed by speakers and Strategic Partners, as well as content shared at or in connection with the Event, are their own and we do not accept any responsibility or liability for any advice given or views expressed during or in connection with the Event.

Materials shared or distributed at or in connection with the Event are intended for information purposes only and should not be relied upon by you or others. We do not provide any guarantees, conditions or warranties that the materials are complete or accurate and do not accept any responsibility or liability for reliance by you or any person on any aspect of the Event and/or any information provided at the Event.

By attending the Event you acknowledge and agree that both ADAPT and hosting venue, are not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of any personal or professional property brought to the Event.

While we take all reasonable steps to ensure the security of online meetings or Events, we are not liable for any loss or damage arising from any virus, malware or data corruption caused by your participation in the Event.

You further agree that you will not hold ADAPT responsible for the wrongful disclosure of information by other Attendees who, by doing so, have contravened these terms and conditions. You indemnify ADAPT if you are the disclosing party or otherwise breach these terms.

You release ADAPT and its Staff in relation to all claims, liabilities, costs and loss of any nature arising from or connected to any product or service not directly supplied to you by ADAPT, including but not limited to any products or services supplied by a Strategic Partner, and all accommodation and hospitality services.