Deepak Pratap

CEO at Lagom

Deepak Pratap serves as the global CEO at Lagom. With a diverse background in business transformation, transition management, global ERP/SAP rollout (including mergers and acquisitions), delivery management, stakeholder management, and offshoring across various countries, Deepak brings a wealth of experience to his role.

Deepak is renowned for his ability to provide technical architecture that optimises potential for revenue generation. He has an outstanding track record of successfully executing medium to large-scale change projects, overseeing them from inception and planning to seamless delivery and implementation, all while ensuring minimal disruptions to business operations.

Leveraging his extensive experience, Deepak evaluates and proposes technical solutions that enhance deliverability and cost-effectiveness. In his capacity as Lagom’s global CEO, he leads with a hands-on approach, ensuring that each client receives effective solutions tailored to their unique needs.