Chris de Wit

Partner at KPMG

Chris is an experienced banking and insurance executive responsible for designing and implementing crisis management plans, including Board and Executive facilitation of simulation events. Chris has held senior executive roles in ASB, AIA and Westpac prior to joining KPMG as a partner in April 2021.

At ASB, Chris led and provided expert analysis and assessment of crisis plans, simulation exercises and event response planning.
As the Chief Integration Officer, Chris was responsible for developing integrated crisis response plans, including the development of crisis response plans for interim integration (i.e. one location, multi-systems, etc.) and post integration where spans and roles addresses expanded operations, locations, service providers and regulatory requirements.

As the Global Head of Financial Crime Transformation, Chris was responsible for preparing, participating, and briefing both the Westpac Board and Executive Crisis response team. This included leading the development of AUSTRAC Statement of Claim response plan (of 82 individual actions), establishing and leading the governance of the resolution and delivery of the 82 SoC Action items and engaging with independent reviewers of the completed 82 Actions. The Westpac role also included briefing to the regulator (AUSTRAC) and chairing the Financial Crime Transformation Steering Committee.

Prior to the above experience, Chris has had 18 years consulting across Asia, Europe and New Zealand where he held several banking and insurance industry roles. This included leading the BS11 industry review for the RBNZ in 2010 focusing on the operational resilience of banks in New Zealand owned and dependent on foreign ownership and offshore technology service provision.

Chris has also acted as an expert reviewer of several Recovery and Resolution Plans with a particular expertise in payment systems.