All these award-winning CIOs delivered game-changing projects, leadership and execution during the pandemic and since.

Along with our star keynote, Harvard University’s Mark Esposito, we gathered them to ask what their post-pandemic IT strategy is. 

How do we maintain the leadership position that technologists have achieved during Covid? What are they doing about digital savviness in their leadership teams? And how close are they to delivering the data-driven enterprise? 


Key Takeaways: 

  • It will become evident in coming years which organisations took their digital transformation as a lasting cultural change or simply a crisis response 
  • Minimum viable governance allows you to set a framework for non-negotiables when making fast decisions 
  • The speed of delivering a minimum viable product allows incremental success, pivoting, and customer experience innovation 
  • ‘Ruthless prioritisation’ needs guardrails to empower technologists to solve business outcomes with technology solutions 
  • Digital literacy programs will help IT to maintain the position of trust it has earnt since 2020