Gerard Florian: New Ways of Working: Scaled Agile and How to Help Elephants Dance

Collaboration Innovate 2 min

What you need to know:

  • Stop thinking about projects. Move to a service mindset.
  • Understand customers’ perception and experience of your organisation over time
  • NPS surveys cannot achieve this, effective customer journey mapping needs real-time ongoing feedback
  • Adjust your business operations off the back of this information


As Group Executive responsible for technology strategy and operations at ANZ, Florian shared practical advice to technology leaders on leading blended teams of technologists.

Florian advised that technology leaders have a deep understanding of the customer’s perception of your brand through segmentation, personas, and customer journeys.

He said in order to truly know your customer, they need to be considered part of the business and not an outsider.

Once this is established, customer journey mapping should have a scope of an extended period of time to reflect their experience of your brand. This cannot be determined by a simple NPS survey alone.

Florian said the solution to this is real-time ongoing feedback, and he gave examples of the ANZ App on the App store and on the Google Analytics platform.

The immediacy of this open communication will allow the organisation to adjust operations in response. He cited his experience with the ANZ App success from zero to two and a half million users. His team were able to roll back arbitrary features and shape backlogs to encourage more feedback.

He called for a cultural mind shift from IT projects to IT as a service, which will allow for constant iterations based on live adoption and consumption.

To effectively respond to this data, teams need to increase the visibility of tasks, challenges, and dependencies and in doing so will become more engaged and closely aligned with the customer experience.


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