12 Steps to Making Digital History in Australia

Leader Deliver 2 min

Over the past 20 months, ADAPT had over 20,000 interactions with senior executives and hosted more than 3,000 leaders across Australia and New Zealand.

ADAPT found that CIOs shared common pandemic inflicted struggles in technology deployment, budgets, decision-making, and skills limitations.

Despite all the success achieved, many technology leaders suffer from a lack of unified vision for technology adoption, conflicting business priorities, people-driven change, burnout, and talent shortages.

Leaders’ efforts are increasingly hamstrung by low levels of digital literacy, amplified by legacy mindsets, processes, and systems. ADAPT has analysed and identified 12 areas on which Australian and New Zealand organisations should focus, to deliver $315 billion to the economy and make digital history.

In this session highlight, ADAPT’s Senior Research Strategist, Aparna Sundararajan, shares these 12 local business priorities for 2022:

  • Become Data-Driven
  • Modernise the Foundations
  • Drive Organisational Alignment
  • Embed Security and Compliance
  • Scale Digitisation and Automation
  • Differentiate Customer Experiences
  • Optimise the Connected Workplace
  • Identify and Capture Value
  • Exploit Emerging Technologies
  • Prioritise Skills and Leadership
  • Improve Digital Literacy
  • Champion Change