Angela Logothetis

Executive Group Owner Network and Business Application Services at Telstra

At Telstra, Angela and her team have a mission to help the Australian government, enterprise, and businesses transform to digital, transform to the cloud, and transition to Industry 5.0. Angela and her colleagues bring the best of global technology to Australia, integrating it with the country’s best network. They deliver these solutions through Australia’s largest technology integration practice and the largest practice of data and AI scientists.

To simplify the complexity of technology and instill confidence in customers adopting new technologies, Angela ensures that Telstra’s products and services are offered As-a-service, Secured by Telstra, and Managed by Telstra.

With 20 years of experience in the tech industry gained across four continents, Angela has worked with market leaders such as Amdocs, Cramer, Clarity, and Price Waterhouse Consulting to deliver transformation, automation, and monetization to the telco industry. One-third of her career has been spent working onsite with customers, collaboratively achieving business outcomes.

In addition to her role at Telstra, Angela serves as a growth advisor to innovative startup and scale-up companies, playing a crucial role in developing impactful technologies. She also has the privilege of mentoring women in technology and coaching star performers. Actively participating in community groups, Angela contributes to creating a better future for the next generation through initiatives related to mindfulness, the future of work, and climate change.

Passionate about travel and outdoor activities, Angela enjoys exploring the world and making it a point to find the ocean in almost every country she visits. Proudly working for Telstra, Angela is dedicated to growing the Australian tech sector for the next generation, including her two digital-first kids.