Andrew Lowson

Lead for Windows 365 in Australia & New Zealand, Microsoft Global Black Belt Team

Andrew is a transformative market leader with over 15 years of experience at Microsoft. He leverages disruptive cloud technologies to create billion-dollar enterprises. He is passionate about SaaS and AI solutions that spark innovation and transform capabilities for any organization.

As a Global Black Belt (GBB), he shapes new business ideas, tests the market, secures early-stage customers, and builds robust commercial models with the global Business Architecture. He collaborates with product Engineering teams to test new services, refine business models and scale rapidly.

His charter is to redefine and transform how organizations operate in the digital landscape. As a GBB, he is a futurist who drives the evolution of the IT industry. He uses data and customer insights to shape future product direction rather than assumptions or dogma. He challenges the status quo and fosters growth.