Riccardo Galbiati

CTO at Palo Alto Networks

I have been working in cyber-security for 15+ years, with a career spanning strategic advisory, consulting, systems engineering and pre-sales for various vendors and firms around the world.

In my role as CTO at Palo Alto Networks I engage and advise enterprises and government customers on their overall posture and cyber resilience by undertaking strategic conversations with CISOs and executives at round tables and public speaking events.

With extended experience within the Palo Alto Networks portfolio, I focus on simplifying technological requirements and aligning them to true business outcomes, while rationalising product adoption and gaining efficiency.

Within this role, I am also the Zero Trust subject matter expert and evangelist for the Asia and Pacific region, with a mission to dispel all the myths about, and mistakes people make, when it comes to designing and deploying a Zero Trust strategy. My aim is to provide not only a clear understanding of the unique mindset required to approach Zero Trust, but also why Zero Trust is about refocusing cybersecurity strategy with a purpose, instead of adopting expensive tactical solutions that lead to inefficiencies and fragmentation.