Data Edge 2021

Building the Data-Driven Organisation

19th August 2021  |  Hyatt Regency, Sydney



Collaborate and learn with 130 Chief Data Officers and Information leaders from organisations responsible for 1/5 of Australia’s GDP.

In the last twelve months, timely decision making has been critical, and access to accurate information at speed the difference between survival and failure.

The deepened focus on the digitisation of workplace, workflow, operations, service delivery and customer experience is opening a new chapter for unified information infrastructure and data architectures.

Data monetisation, application delivery, customer satisfaction and future competitive edge should be underpinned by intelligent personalised services, automated through AI, and based on a single view of the customer. All disparate data points need to be integrated and data flow democratised to enable that vision.

ADAPT’s latest research across Australian CIOs and CFOs puts creating the ‘data-driven organisation’ as a top priority for 2021, alongside other key business outcomes that better-organised data will enable such as operational effectiveness, customer retention, digitisation and growth.

However, we face a national crisis in data management, policies and strategy which is hindering the ability to embrace automation, machine learning and emerging technologies. This ultimately impedes a performance advantage and is slowing down the economy.


Data Integration and Accuracy

The deepened focus on the digitisation of workplace, workflow, operations, service delivery and customer experience is opening a new chapter for information infrastructure and data architectures.

Future application delivery, customer satisfaction and competitive edge must be underpinned by intelligently deliver personalised services, automated through AI, and based on a single view of the customer, with all disparate data points integrated to one pool and enabling that vision.

ADAPT’s latest research across Australian CIOs puts creating the Data driven organisation as their top priority for 2021, alongside many key business outcomes that better organised data will enable.


Poor information architecture is hurting your business

However, the data and its true commercial value is hidden in the silos of organisational departments, fragmented instances and technology stacks.

Only a handful of organisations are confident about knowing, accessing, and analysing the right data for business insights. Many have legacy technology and systems with lengthy processing times which are holding back data analysis and performance.

The majority of business decisions are being made with inaccurate information, leaving organisations and their workforces frustrated, not knowing what Data exists within the organisation and where it resides.

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, the Internet of Things, AI, and robotics, together with edge computing, were accelerating information exchange across smart sensors, enabling a converged world of physical and virtual spaces.

New ecosystems, business models and customer expectations are now emerging which cannot function without improved Data architectures, analytic competencies, and information workflows.

At Data Edge 2021, we bring our nation’s top data strategists, and stakeholders, along with qualified partners to help attack the data deluge and architect roadmaps to success.


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The pandemic will be the catalyst for innovation.

Many organisations are using this time to restart – to build and deliver products in new ways, to embrace digital operating models, to drive new automation efficiencies across internal processes and systems, to boost customer experience, and new growth.

ADAPT research shows increased innovation budgets and focus. This innovation and plans to recover and thrive will all require a higher focus on Data.


Some serious innovation will emerge from the dark economic times induced by the coronavirus.” Jon Whittle, Director CSIRO’s Data61

Our Data leaders need to take the opportunity presented by the pandemic’s impact to lead the C-suite and deliver on these key themes, to underpin resilience, efficiency, innovation and agility.

It is time for Australian business and technology leaders to tame the data beast and use the power of information to fuel revenue growth and create lasting business opportunities.


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Special Live Interview: Dr. Mark Esposito – Harvard University, Dept of Continuing Education


Mark Esposito, PhD, is recognised internationally as a top global thought leader in matters relating to The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the changes and opportunities that technology will bring to a variety of industries.

He was inducted in 2016 in the radar of  Thinkers50 as one of the 30 most prominent rising business thinkers in the world. He is a global expert of the World Economic Forum and advisor to national governments.

Live from Europe, Mark will share thoughts on:
“Building resilience and advantage through the FLP IT framework”

  • How to improve workflows and the efficient placement of facilities to drive business performance
  • Moving away from the K-shape recovery
  • And the use of technology to navigate and address the post pandemic issues

In his academic career, Mark has held academic appointments for some of the world’s leading institutions such as Harvard University, University of Cambridge, Arizona State University’s Thunderbird School of Global Management, Hult International Business School and IE Business School.


Our agenda will publish in 2021

We balance global keynotes with local success stories and tips from C-level peers in top organisations. Across conference sessions and boardroom roundtables, ADAPT create a safe place to ask the necessary questions and find the right answers from our community’s collective wisdom.

We will begin with understanding the foundations of a data-driven business through culture, strategy, and business outcomes discussions to actual execution tactics around data architecture, taxonomy, and classification.

By attending this event, you will have debated, learned best practices, and workshopped the following core areas of a Data-driven business.

  1. What the world will look like in 2030: new business simulation through data.
  2. Data is everyone’s business – getting executive buy-in
  3. Creating a data culture – Inculcating unbiased decision-making
  4. Why are your stakeholders disinterested in discussing the data challenges?
  5. How to talk your cloud vendors about data governance
  6. What your technology partners want you to know about data architecture?
  7. Tapping the hidden data economy
  8. Data Architecture is easy to build than you think
  9. Making the life of your data analysts and data scientists easier (Visualisation tech or database systems such as Oracle)
  10. Let’s talk about people – Talent shortage and upskilling your team.

Confirm your seat for a powerful day of fact-based insights, peer networking and strategic partner 1-1s while you can.


Access is by invitation only – contact us to qualify to attend.

Attend the region’s safest and best structured major gatherings since the lockdown.

Many have been too inwardly focused. Now hear from the experts, draw upon the collective intelligence of our region’s top executives, and learn the next steps from others on similar journeys.

With complete health and safety compliance, we can meet again face-to-face to share war stories, validate and compare post lockdown strategies.

Delivering for 9 years, ADAPT are always proud to connect our business community and technology leaders. Well known for delivering beyond expectation, join us to celebrate one of our most anticipated events yet.

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Practical Insights Global speakers and contemporary thinkers ahead of you on the journey equip you with their learned experience, giving you the competence and tools you need.
Personalised Agenda Self-select your path through your choice of keynotes, panels, roundtables and workshops, perfectly aligning our content with your tactical and strategic needs.
Peer Introductions Increase your own ability via a network of trusted connections by meeting with expert stakeholders and calibre peers. Every ADAPT delegate must qualify to join our community.

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