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Top Interviews with ADAPT’s Senior Analyst Peter Hind

Peter Hind’s sole interest is in the potential of IT to transform organisational operations and the challenges of change management in doing this. Within ADAPT, he structures delegate surveys, interrogates and analyses ADAPT’s treasure trove of end-user and C-level data, moderates executive private roundtables and emcees at ADAPT’s Edge events.

Peter Hind’s forte is running management forums for IT C-Suite executives. Throughout his career, he has had intense, challenging discussions with countless technology, business, and finance thought leaders to find the techniques they have deployed to overcome these difficulties.

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The Business Literacy of a CIO with Julia Steel

Sitting down with our Senior Analyst Peter Hind, Julia Steel discussed the business literacy of a CIO, what it means to do data-driven business and the effectiveness of change initiatives. Read more.

David Spark on Making Security Change Management Personal

Chatting with Peter Hind, David Spark explores how a CISO can fully realise their toolsets, how to keep on top of security issues, and why he started his podcast. Read more.

Balancing employee experience with stakeholder management with MIT CISR’s Kristine Dery

ADAPT’s Senior Analyst Peter Hind interviewed MIT CISR’s Research Scientist Kristine Dery at CIO Edge. She explored how to balance cohesive employee experience with diverse stakeholder buy-ins. Read more.

CEO of the NSW Government’s Data Analytics Centre Ian Oppermann Shows You How to Find Data Scientists and Choose Data Science Tools

Dr Ian Oppermann shares with Peter Hind what businesses need to do to ensure they have the skills to effectively compete in a data-centric world. Read more.

Flinders University’s Kerrie Campbell: Technology enables integrated learning and critical thinking

Kerrie Campbell speaks with Peter Hind on how new technologies continue to change how education is delivered, and student and teacher expectations of how they should collaborate and learn. Read more.

Theo Nassiokas on effective engagement with the board and executive leadership team on cybersecurity matters

ADAPT’s Peter Hind interviews Theo Nassiokas, Director, APAC Cyber and Information Security (CISO) at Barclays in Singapore. Theo began his working life as a Policeman in Victoria, first getting involved with the challenges of cybersecurity over twenty years ago. Read more.