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Top Interviews with ADAPT’s Research and Advisory’s Senior Director Anthony Saba

Anthony leads the growth and development of ADAPT’s Research and Advisory Practice engaging directly with ADAPT’s community of C-Level Executives, to equip them with the relevant research, tools and advice to effectively lead and transform their organisations.

He has frank conversations with thought leaders across our technology, cloud and infrastructure executive communities. He gathered their honest thoughts on the most pressing issues in the Australian business landscape.

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Pontus Siren on how to align teams to take risks and prepare for disruption

Innosight’s Partner discusses how he prepares companies for disruption with our Senior Director of Research and Advisory Practice Anthony Saba. Read more.

Cloud is a playground for exploring ideas: An interview with Gabriela Epuras

As EY’s APAC Relationship Manager Cloud Enablement Lead, Gabriela Epuras sat down with ADAPT’s Senior Director of Advisory Services Anthony Saba to answer the age-old question of the digital era: To Cloud or Not to Cloud? Read more.

Activity-based working with Australian Bureau of Statistics’ Technology Infrastructure Branch Head

ABS’ Infrastructure Branch Head Helen Robson sits down with our Senior Director of Advisory Services Anthony Saba to give her take on activity-based working and the flexibility it brings technology teams. Read more.

Moving to the Cloud: The advantages we aren’t talking about

Industry stalwart, Peter Grant, shares with our Senior Director of Advisory Services Anthony Saba how to explore IT frameworks for 2020, skills to look out for in IT roles, and moving from BAU to innovative IT programs. Read more.

Designing Data Centres around Humans with Matt Gurr

Matt Gurr is introducing a new era that focuses on the user experience: human-centred design. Sitting down with Senior Director of Advisory Services at ADAPT Anthony Saba, the two find the new crux of tomorrow’s data centres. Read more.

Prove the value of IT to the business: An Interview with Dave Glover

Salmat’s CTO Dave Glover has a special message for technology leaders, technologists thriving in changing times, and how to engage the rest of the business in reaping the benefits. Read more.

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