At ADAPT, we understand that our strength lies in our team members’ collective experiences and insights.

Our ADAPTer Spotlight series showcases their unique stories and illustrates ADAPT’s vibrant culture and ethos from those who experience it daily.

In this article, we’re shining a spotlight on James Delliquanti, our Strategic Account Manager.

An accomplished Global Sales Director with a rich background in North America and the Asia-Pacific region, James has been with ADAPT for a few short months. Yet, in this brief period, he’s already found immense fulfilment in his role and the dynamic work environment.

A Journey from the Beginning
James has been associated with ADAPT since the company’s inception. He remembers being called to Sydney to fill the void left by Jim and Brett, the founders of ADAPT. Having known them for a long time, James has always admired their work and vision. 

A Critical Role in Growth
With ADAPT now boasting nearly 70 employees, James plays a pivotal role as one of the revenue generators. He emphasises the importance of his role in ensuring a thriving workplace and is committed to contributing to the company’s growth. 

Choosing ADAPT
When asked what drew him to ADAPT, James credits the people, especially Jim. His long-standing admiration for the team and candid conversation with Jim solidified his decision to join the company. 

Culture is Key
For James, company culture is paramount. He values the camaraderie and environment at ADAPT, highlighting it as a primary reason he enjoys coming to the office.  

The genuine interactions, absence of office politics, and the overall authenticity of his colleagues make ADAPT a unique and pleasant workplace. 

The flexible work schedule is a bonus, but James prefers coming to the office, finding it conducive to his productivity. 

Customer-Centric Approach
He’s also particularly impressed by ADAPT’s customer-centric approach. The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in its staffing, with three times as many employees dedicated to customer care as sales. 

Future Aspirations
James is ambitious and has set his sights on climbing the sales ladder at ADAPT. While he acknowledges the prowess of his colleagues, he’s determined to rise to the top, showcasing his competitive spirit. 

We’re proud to have James as part of our ADAPT team. 


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James Delliquanti Strategic Account Manager
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