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Inspirational quotes for 2020 from the ADAPT community

Need some inspiration?

As we wrap up a year of hosting over a thousand executives at our 6 national Edge events, we look back at our learnings from the collective experience and rich local data of our executive community. 

Check out our pick of inspirational quotes from our community of thought leaders, all downloadable!

Technology Leaders
Matt Boon - Director of Strategic Research at ADAPT Download
Pontus Siren - Partner at Innnosight Download
Peter Grant - Technology Industry Thought Leader Download
Paul Shetler - Partner at AccelerateHQ Download
Omar Hatamleh - Chief Innovation Officer at NASA JSC Download
Digital Leaders
Ines Almeida - Digital Transformation Advisor Download
Vincent Pierce - GM at Westpac Next Download
Simon Waller - Digital Champion, Author and Advisor Download
Sherif Mansour - Distinguished Product Manager at Atlassian Download
Dr Amantha Imber - Founder and CEO at Inventium Download
Security Leaders
Theo Nassiokas - Director, APAC Cyber & Information Security (CISO) at Barclays Download
Darren Kane - Chief Security Officer at NBN Download
Ellie Warner - Head of Cyber Awareness at Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Download
Jinan Budge - Principal Analyst Serving Security & Risk Professionals at Forrester Download
Robert Carey - VP & GM, Global Public Sector Solutions at RSA Download
Finance Leaders
Jennifer Scott - Founder of Humans Meet Digital Download
Kumar Parakala - Global Digital Leader at GHD Download
Dr Amantha Imber - Founder and CEO at Inventium Download
Dr Ian Oppermann - Chief Data Scientist CEO NSW Data Analytics Centre at NSW Government Download
Paul Shetler - Partner at Accelerate HQ Download
Infrastructure Leaders
Mark Thiele - Edge Computing Engineering at Ericsson (USA) Download
Michael Whereat - Lead Advisor, Technical SCIBN Project at Sunshine Coast Council Download
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