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Ines Almeida: The First of Me! Insights from the Future of Digital at SXSW – Highlights


  • Consensually exchange value for data
  • Artificial intelligence can power profitable creativity
  • Get rid of advertising stereotypes and understand your customer’s context
  • Regulate yourself on privacy now before the lawmakers get to you

Inês Almeida has over 22 years’ experience in technology, business strategy, innovation and change. She advises on transformation at ANZ Bank, with teams and clients on enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives and innovation programs that unlock fast and sustained business growth.

At Digital Edge, she shared insights from SXSW (South by Southwest), one of the largest digital convergence events in the USA, where she is a regular attendee. She explored the next frontier in personalisation — the trends, benefits and potential unintended consequences.

Almeida’s presentation was focused on the consensual exchange of data for value. She drew on the example of personalised music from Spotify.

Artificial intelligence and bots are powering creativity, she said. She noted Alibaba’s Singles Day, whose 40 million personalised banners were designed by AI. The business saw a 100% increase in conversion rates.

But she warned of the dark side of “algorithms that get to know us.” Advertising stereotypes and segmented customer personas need to be thrown out, she said. Instead, it is personality, connection, and context that ought to be considered when personalising the customer experience.

“Find the right opportunities for your customer and for your business. Start training those algorithms and lastly, automate,” said Almeida.

Almeida advised putting humans at the centre of personalisation, instead of adopting a technology-first strategy. “That way you’ll be able to learn customer behaviours while striking out minimum viable products that are not suitable for use.

“Self-regulate on privacy now,” Almeida urged. “Lawmakers will be coming after you.”

Personal data records and blockchain will also help us manage data, consent, and give greater control over revoking it.

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Don’t wait until your single customer view is ready in three years’ time. Innovate now.”

This is part of Ines Almeida’s keynote she delivered at Digital Edge. Only ADAPT Research and Advisory clients can access the full video, become one today.

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