27 July, 2022 | Sydney, Australia

The Adaptive Workforce: Competing on Experience & Wellbeing

Collaborate and learn with 120 top CHRO and Communication leaders driving collaboration and performance

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Conflicting business priorities and legacy mindsets are holding back projects and growth

Leaders of HR and communications need to help bridge these departments and lead the recovery.


Harness the collective intelligence of the world’s foremost thought leaders to learn best practices and be inspired.

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Kristine Dery
Research Scientist at MIT CISR

Dr Kristine Dery

Research Scientist at MIT CISR


Dr. Kristine Dery is a Research Scientist at MIT Sloan School of Management in the Center for Information Systems Research (MIT CISR).

Kristine leads MIT CISR’s research on the Future-ready Workforce that provides leaders with insights into what it takes to equip employees with the digital tools and the skills, capabilities and ways of working to be effective in a digital world.

Her previous research has explored the employee experience in the context of Agile Ways of Working, Virtual Connectivity, and also what it takes to attract and retain the Talent with the digital skills to successfully deliver on the challenges of new digital business models. She works closely with research colleagues at MIT CISR to ensure that her research is integrated into broader conversations around digital transformation.

In addition to her research portfolio, Kristine works closely with senior management teams and boards of large organizations in AsiaPac to capture value from MIT CISR research as they wrestle with the challenges of digital transformation.

Chief Futurist at Atlassian

Dom Price

Chief Futurist at Atlassian


An accomplished TED speaker, Dom is proud to work at Atlassian, the home of the most intelligent t-shirt wearers in business.

As their resident Work Futurist, Dom is Atlassian’s in house “Team Doctor” helping Atlassian scale by being ruthlessly efficient and effective, and spends over half his time helping their customers navigate transformation, agility, leadership, and the future of work.

Dom helped pioneer Atlassian’s Team Playbook and has a deep passion for understanding of teamwork and the changes needed today to build thriving businesses.

He has previously been the GM Program Management for a global gaming company and a Director of Deloitte.

A keen traveller, Dom has traversed over 53 countries so far, but after 17 years on these shores, he calls Australia home.

Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company

Alistair Carmichael

Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company


Alistair is an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company and a leader of the Firm’s Organisation Practice.

From his base in Sydney, he advises and serves clients in Australia across a range of sectors, including financial services, defence, food, energy and public and social institutions on organisational transformation and change.

His areas of expertise include: culture transformation, growth transformation, change management, talent strategy, leadership development, operating model design and organisation design.

Founder, Emjoy and Former GM, Culture & Employee Experience, Virgin Australia Group

Emma Mehaffey

Founder, Emjoy and Former GM, Culture & Employee Experience, Virgin Australia Group


I am Emma, Founder of Emjoy. Emjoy is about stripping away the big words, the fancy diagrams and standard frameworks. It’s about real human leadership. It’s about remembering what it’s like to be an employee at all stages and what that means to people. It’s about giving people a reason to get up every morning. Giving them something to believe in. It’s simple, its inspirational, it’s the future and it delivers joy in spades.

And what do I know about Culture and Experience? I’ve spent the last 15 years of my career at the global leader in creating epic Cultures, the Virgin brand, Virgin Australia. I began my career in early days of Virgin Blue and experienced the unique challenge that comes with aviation. My last role as the General Manager of Culture and Employee Experience gave me the opportunity to lead a 9,500 employee base. From hiring the best of the best, to having to let go thousands of employees during COVID that loved what they did. It was a role that encompassed the breadth of human emotion.

Throughout the most challenging year globally, I made a push to implement Workplace by Facebook to all employees. In a time of extreme stress, anxiety and sadness the roll out of this tool transformed the way we approached our people and allowed us to do something extraordinary. Proving that communicating with your people as real, raw humans will always triumph.

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People Edge is an invitation-only conference that brings together technology executives from the region’s most influential Enterprise and Government organisations, including:

People Edge gathers leading HR and communication leaders for an interactive day.

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With complete health and safety compliance, we are finally able to meet again face-to-face to share war stories, validate and compare lockdown and distributed workforce strategies.

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Debating Critical Themes

01 Competing on Experience & Wellbeing​

Continued digital transformation, productivity​ and future innovation will depend on employee experience, and the connection of the individual’s purpose to that of the organisation.​

02 Your Ability to Communicate​

Facing increasing complexity and internal workforce dynamics – how do you manage perceptions and stakeholders, own the room, win allies and take everyone on the journey?​

03 Rebuilding and Motivating after the Pandemic​

Back to work and hybrid work strategies, managing employee costs, while balancing talent shortage and improving skills and digital capabilities.​

04 Fostering a Cohesive Culture, Virtually?​

If 50% of Australia’s workforce stay remote, the need to ‘Collaborate From Home’ and stay connected throughout the organisation has never been more critical. ​

05 Operational Empathy​

NOBL Collective NYC advises business leaders on how to build flexibility and adaptability into their technology and their teams for better uptake, productivity and wellbeing.​

06 Equipping & Empowering the Future-Ready Workforce​

Invest in a future-ready workforce by empowering people to solve complex problems, then design​
a work environment where people can deliver more value for customers. ​

A highly valuable event with access to groundbreaking research and the ability to engage with my peers, relevant industry leaders and vendors in one place. Global Head of Infrastructure at Navitas A great event with insightful speakers that empowers you to think about solving today's problems in an innovative way, with an eye to the future. Group Executive, Innovation & Transformation at REST Superannuation You gain exclusive access to global SMEs, key opinion leaders and research with local insights covering multiple size organizations that contribute to 1/4 of Australia GDP. A solid representation of Australia situation. Head of ICT at Terumo A brilliantly coordinated event with insightful keynotes, roundtables and expertly matched 1:1 meetings. Head of at Knight Frank A highly valuable and informative event full of rich Australian-based content, sprinkled with global insights! Head of Technology at ERM Power Ltd A very well run event with excellent content and a local flavour relevant to the ANZ context. Director, Technology & Customer Services at eHealth NSW

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