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Security Edge 2020

Security Risk, Trust & People First Programs

Join 140 of our region’s most effective heads of security and risk for shared experience, peer networking, tactical introductions and global insights.

Now in its 3rd year and established as a key strategic gathering, Security Edge 2020 will focus on use cases, examples and advice from those ahead on the same journey.



The market

There is a proliferation of IT security conferences in Australia and NZ, but most are missing the point, since the challenges facing our national heads of IT security, CSOs and CISOs cannot be solved purely through technology.

As such too many leaders are staying away – at a time when safe collaboration is crucial for security executives.

Security leaders in our community tell us they want insights from the business stakeholders they need to serve: to better understand their business issues, the balanced risk, the perceived and actual roles that trust and cyber need to play.

After 8 years advising CIOs, CFOs and CDOs, ADAPT has built lasting relationships and gathered deep intelligence data, direct from the leadership of Australia’s Enterprise and Government organisations. Security risk, customer experience and resilience are boardroom priorities for all.



The challenge

To capitalise on the benefits of the 4th industrial revolution, the organisation is trying to reinvent as a digital business – but there is no customer experience or digital future without better managed security risk and people-first security culture.

As ADAPT research shows, many face challenges around extending security culture across the organisation, shadow IT, blurring perimeters, and talent shortages. With security front of mind for the C-suite and CIO, it is critical for security leaders to improve their business acumen, communication and stakeholder management skills, and the internal perception of the security and IT teams.


We need to get CISOs a seat at the table – to improve people first security focus and disconnects across the C-suite.” Matt Boon, ADAPT.


Our 2020 agenda will publish in April.

Security Edge will gather Australia’s leading Security and Risk stakeholders for an interactive day leveraging the perspectives from ADAPT’s CFO, CDO and CMO communities – as well as the learned experience of peers.

Get the Edge you need to lead security risk.

Please register below to qualify to attend ADAPT Security Edge 2020.

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Want More Information?


Leading Sustained Change & Secure Digital Execution
25 July 2019, Intercontinental in Sydney
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Why Attend

Practical Insights Global speakers and contemporary thinkers ahead of you on the journey equip you with their learned experience, giving you the competence and tools you need.
Personalised Agenda Self-select your path through your choice of keynotes, panels, roundtables and workshops, perfectly aligning our content with your tactical and strategic needs.
Peer Introductions Increase your own ability via a network of trusted connections by meeting with expert stakeholders and calibre peers. Every ADAPT delegate must qualify to join our community.

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Want more information?

Why Invest

Meet the Industry Leaders ADAPT own relationships with thousands of executive decision makers, and our platforms enable introductions to the C-level to access, engage and create opportunities.
Differentiate from the Crowd Too many vendors jostle for attention in a crowded, commoditised market. Creative packages frame your strength, values and executives with the right people, to initiate and fast track opportunities.
Intelligent Matching ADAPT surveys and intelligently matches delegate investment priorities and needs to solution providers capabilities, ensuring 1-1 meetings are based on a real demand from both sides.

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