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Multi Cloud Security: is the Edge the new Battleground?

As apps, clouds, users and devices evolve, it has become unrealistic to rely on a traditional “secure the perimeter” model, and trust that nothing will get in or out. What you need to deploy and manage is being redefined, with a shifting attack surface, operating across a wider area, at increasing volume.

  • The edge is often now where you connect with customers – but recent attack patterns indicate an increased focus on application, API vulnerabilities and security challenges created by misconfiguration of clouds.
  • Traditional IT environments have irreversibly shifted to the cloud, and the edge – so how best to manage and secure what operates outside the dissolving enterprise perimeter?

Multi Cloud Security Challenges

ADAPT research shows most organisations are busy building new cloud-ready applications, and migrating existing apps to the cloud – but constant challenges emerge due to cloud sprawl, shadow IT, coding, architectural and security challenges.

The ideal may a hybrid multi-cloud configuration – to store and run data and applications on the environment best-suited for them, and ensure your infrastructure is always operating at its highest optimised level to deliver the lowest cost and best performance.

To do so, there is need for a seamless consumption layer that aggregates, integrates and customises multiple cloud solutions.

Many IT leaders are now looking to Managed Service Providers to help guide their cloud adoption strategy and enhance the performance of high-availability apps, security reporting and policy management.

So, what is your plan for security, performance and reliability at the edge?

Discussion Points: What is the best strategy?  

We’ll discuss best practice for taking security to the cloud and edge – to protect and accelerate your network infrastructure:

  • How to I secure the seams between clouds?
  • Where does business IP live? Who owns your data?
  • How do you avoid lock in?
  • Who do I trust in a zero trust tech world?
  • How do we leverage the new Edge?
  • How to eliminate the cost and complexity of network hardware?

Join 15 likeminded IT & Security leaders to hear the answers over this private lunch hosted by ADAPT, moderated by TRA’s Tim Dillon with subject matter experts from Cloudflare and Rackspace.

Sessions run under Chatham House Rules to enable you to share and learn best practice among peers with privacy.

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Want to partner with us for a roundtable or keep you in mind for the next one?

Multi Cloud Security: is the Edge the new Battleground?

12pm - 2pm, Tuesday 22nd October 2019
Park Hyatt Sydney (The Gallery Room)– 7 Hickson Road, The Rocks NSW 2000

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