Private Event | RT Rackspace Mel 24 Oct 19

The Journey to a Zero Trust Architecture

As applications, clouds, users and devices evolve, it has become unrealistic to rely on a traditional “secure the perimeter” model, and trust that nothing will get in or out. What you need to deploy and manage is being redefined, with a shifting attack surface, operating across a wider area, at increasing volume.

  • Recent attack patterns indicate an increased focus on application, API vulnerabilities and security challenges created by misconfiguration of the cloud.
  • Traditional IT environments have irreversibly shifted from in-house to the cloud, and to the Edge – so how best to manage and secure what operates outside the dissolving enterprise perimeter?

ADAPT research shows that Australian organisations are focused on improving employee productivity, as well as enhancing business resilience. However, enabling staff and third parties to access data off-site is the greatest threat to organisations from a cyber-security perspective. In the rush to ‘digitally transform’, how to build a new cyber risk strategy within the new digital environment – one where the traditional perimeter is lost?

Is a zero trust architecture the way to go? If so, how does it work, how does it differ from what you are doing now – and what frameworks do you need to configure?

Discussion Points

We’ll discuss best practice for taking security to the cloud and edge, to enable your digital business transformation – and how to elevate the cyber security discussion to deliver lasting value through strategic security programs tightly aligned to corporate ambitions.

  • Zero trust frameworks and roadmaps
  • The journey of why and how to go ‘passwordless’
  • Planning for the rise of remote and gig workers and edge computing
  • How to deliver brand trust and secure applications, infrastructure and people.
  • Trust as it relates to both external perceptions and internal stakeholder buy in.

Join 15 likeminded IT & Security leaders to hear the answers over this private lunch hosted by ADAPT, moderated by TRA’s Tim Dillon with subject matter experts from Akamai and Rackspace.

 Sessions run under Chatham House Rules to enable you to share and learn best practice among peers with privacy.

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Want to partner with us for a roundtable or keep you in mind for the next one?

The Journey to a Zero Trust Architecture

12pm - 2pm, Thursday 24th October 2019
The European (The Tea Room) – 161 Spring Street Melbourne

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