People Edge 2021

The Adaptive Workforce:
Competing on Experience & Wellbeing

WHEN: 14th October 2021. Strictly by invitation only and Chatham House Rule all day.
WHERE: COVID Safe and fully compliant at Sydney’s Hyatt Regency.
WHO: 120 top CHRO and Communication leaders driving collaboration and performance.


The pandemic accelerated digital maturity and transformation as we embraced a hybrid workplace.

It also forced scenario planning for the economic impact of the lockdown and managing employee costs, while balancing talent shortage and improving skills and digital capabilities across our organisations.

The success of continued digital transformation, productivity and future innovation will now depend on employee experience, optimisation, and the connection of the individual’s purpose to that of the organisation.

This in turn feeds distributed collaboration, culture and behaviours centred on customer experience and delight.

ADAPT research shows that the future of workplace going to remain distributed.


If almost 50% of Australia’s workforce will stay remote, then the need to stay connected throughout the organisation has never been more critical.

Facing economic challenges, how do we empower our dispersed workforce to ‘Collaborate From Home’, whilst also being mindful of their health, wellbeing and safety? How do we foster morale and cohesive culture, virtually?

Organisations face increasing complexity, continuously changing global, macro and economic instability, making long-term planning uncertain and affecting internal workforce dynamics.

Employees expect a higher level of flexibility, balance, diversity and technological capabilities to perform and stay.

Many HR and Communication teams have been misperceived, underfunded and under supported, until now.

Now is the time to leverage new partnerships with key business leaders, win allies, and take a strategic seat at the table to deliver meaningful human experiences and sustainable value.


Learn from your C-level executive stakeholders

ADAPT have established the region’s leading CIO, CFO, Digital and Security events, gathering a community of thousands of the business and technology executives running our top enterprise and government organisations.

The consistent feedback across all these leadership teams is that conflicting business priorities and legacy mindsets are holding back the successful delivery of projects and growth. Whatever technology or executive leader persona – their main challenge is successfully managing people and their resistance to change.

Effective organisational change management is communicated and delivered through the harmony of people, process and technology. More than ever, the leaders of HR and Communications need to help bridge these departments with a common language, step up and help lead the recovery.

Confirm your seat for a powerful day of fact-based insights, peer networking and strategic partner 1-1s while you can.


Access is by invitation only – contact us to qualify to attend.

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Our agenda will publish in 2021.

We balance global keynotes with local success stories and tips from CFO, CIO, HR & Communication peers in top organisations. Across conference sessions and boardroom roundtables, ADAPT create a safe place to ask the necessary questions and find the right answers from our community’s collective wisdom.


Persona challenges to be debated on the day with practical takeaways and actions:

  • Inspiring trust and open communication and building a connected and digital culture
  • Designing for optimised employee experience and operational excellence
  • Improving digitised work systems, standards and automation
  • Building employee’s digital IQ and muscles to empower more fluid work
  • Evolving new and critical skills and competencies in the workforce
  • Improving workforce adaptivity and recovery, wellbeing and performance
  • Adoption and training optimisation of the technology and tools
  • Supporting new multi-disciplinary teams and agile, lean management structures
  • Serving multiple constituents to help ensure workforce safety and resilience
  • Implementing hard decisions around business continuity and downsizing
  • Redesigning workspaces to inspire creativity, collaboration and innovation
  • Ineffective employee intranets or communication portals lacking personalisation
  • Monolithic application platforms hindering the adoption of best in cloud and point services
  • Organisational change management and taking everyone on the transformation journey


Solving challenges with insights, solutions, services and partnerships to help improve processes and workflows:

  • Deliver personalised, tailored and improved employee experiences
  • Enable empathy and collaboration from anywhere
  • Improve internal communications, transparency and alignment
  • Inspire engagement and distributed workforce efficiencies
  • Digitise and automate workflow and processes
  • Reduce complexity and simplify usability
  • Establish effective intranet experiences and knowledge tools
  • Provide more workforce data and insights to leadership
  • Leverage AI-enabled capabilities, bots and conversational interfaces


Most HR leaders suggest their incumbent technology and systems are not delivering, and they struggle to find the right solutions related to key initiatives. ADAPT’s qualified strategic partner matching service enables HR and Communication leaders to select potential partners that align to key initiatives and solve current challenges.

Discussions and meetings on the day will help Integrate and connect people, technology and work, with better UX.

Attend the region’s safest and best structured major gatherings since the lockdown.

Many have been too inwardly focused. Now hear from the experts, draw upon the collective intelligence of our region’s top executives, and learn the next steps from others on similar journeys.

With complete health and safety compliance, we can meet again face-to-face to share war stories, validate and compare post lockdown strategies.

Delivering for 9 years, ADAPT are always proud to connect our business community and technology leaders. Well known for delivering beyond expectation, join us to celebrate one of our most anticipated events yet.

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Practical Insights Global speakers and contemporary thinkers ahead of you on the journey equip you with their learned experience, giving you the competence and tools you need.
Personalised Agenda Self-select your path through your choice of keynotes, panels, roundtables and workshops, perfectly aligning our content with your tactical and strategic needs.
Peer Introductions Increase your own ability via a network of trusted connections by meeting with expert stakeholders and calibre peers. Every ADAPT delegate must qualify to join our community.

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