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CFO Edge 2019 | Sydney

Are we ready for 2020?
Systemic Change, Strategic Value and the Modern CFO.

ADAPT’s 11th CFO Edge event occurs on the precipice of 2020. We challenge if Australasian organisations and CFOs are as prepared for the immediate future as they planned and hoped? Over the last 8 year of national CFO events, ADAPT has seen the CFO role evolve far beyond finance, to emerge as strategic leader, transformation enabler and navigator of the challenges, opportunities, risks and pitfalls of modern digital business.

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Practical Insights Global speakers and contemporary thinkers ahead of you on the journey equip you with their learned experience, giving you the competence and tools you need.
Personalised Agenda Self-select your path through your choice of keynotes, panels, roundtables and workshops, perfectly aligning our content with your tactical and strategic needs.
Peer Introductions Increase your own ability via a network of trusted connections by meeting with expert stakeholders and calibre peers. Every ADAPT delegate must qualify to join our community.

Agenda Highlights

08:55 - 09:30 Fireside Chat: Outpacing Change - Adapting and evolving business processes and functions through technology advancements

Peter Lim – Head of Finance Excellence at SEEK with Oracle

09:30 - 10:05 How can the CFO drive Transformation?

Jonathan Smare – Global Finance Leader, Enterprise Transformation at Amazon Web Services

10:20 - 10:50 Privacy and Sharing in a Data-Driven World

Dr. Ian Oppermann – Chief Data Scientist and CEO NSW Data Analytics Centre at NSW Government

10:50 - 11:20 The Science of How to Design your Most Effective Workday

Dr Amantha Imber – Founder and CEO at Inventium; Co-Creator of the AFR’s Most Innovative Companies List

14:50 - 15:25 Digital Innovation Risk Technology and You: 2020 means getting your hands D.I.R.T.Y.

David Banger – Adjunct Professor, Author & Advisor

16:40 - 17:25 What A.I. Can (and Can't) Do

Special Guest Keynote: Professor Toby Walsh – Technical University, Berlin, Research Group Leader at CSIRO Data61 and Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence at UNSW

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