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Dr Joseph Sweeney – IT AGILITY: How to enable Workforce and Workspace Transformation

Dr Joseph Sweeney is a lead analyst with IBRS, helping various companies transform the traditional business models to innovative ones.

Presenting to digital leaders at ADAPT’s Digital Edge, Dr Sweeney leveraged his experience to define the common problems that stop companies from achieving digital transformation. He argued that the first thing that is missing is the human element.

“Let’s not forget, technology does not exist in a void,” he said. “We’re delivering technology to people and expecting it to work straight out of the box. In fact transformation is not something that companies can buy and achieve overnight.”

Sweeney listed the three axes of business operations: operational efficiency, customer experience, and operational excellence. He stressed that to be able to implement transformation in any of these axes, IT leaders need partners to help them out on that journey. “You also need to understand then that through each of those different axis there are different stakeholders,” he added.

He underlined the importance of being mindful of the way you present your ideas and finding ways of speaking the language of the other party.

Otherwise, when you talk about technology, the other party will add meaning to the words according to their mindset.

“They’re mutating what you’ve said.”, Dr. Sweeney explained. “The counter side of that is you think they’ve understood what you’ve said to them and then when they tell you back what they think, you are reinterpreting that.”

Key Takeaways

  • People are not the dictators of technology. People are the enablers of it.
  • The three big technological flagstones companies should be considering are communications, automation and collaboration.
  • It’s very easy to track technology and predict its future. What’s hard to track is how people decide to use this technology.
  • Transformation is incremental and takes time.
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