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Security 20 MIN

CISO Edge Post Event Report, July 2018

Security and Risk now underpin every business mission, and any chance for Australia’s commercial growth.

Whether its Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, Workplace, Workforce, IoT, Applications, Cloud, or Innovation itself – everything must be trusted and secure.
Of all the executives we host, the ones that need most to gather and collaborate as a community for our commercial and national wellbeing – are all of you!

With this in mind, ADAPT created a safe place for our national Heads of security and risk to gather, share and collaborate – and we succeeded. 150 leaders, responsible for securing 1.3 million staff and 1/3 of our national GDP came to discuss our theme of Embedding Trust & Enabling Growth.

28 wonderful minds contributed with practical advice on what we need to do right now to create a culture of Cyber consciousness across our organisations: to move from the old world, to the new world.

We also focused on insights from business execs on culture, stakeholder and project management – and the common challenge of inter-departmental communication – or the lack of it.

We decided it was worth the challenge to launch into a crowded market – and we are so proud to have delivered! Cyber Edge was the result of a year of hard work, and a little faith from all of you – and we look forward to hosting you again soon.

Best wishes,

Jim Berry
CEO & Founder

Cyber Edge Event Presentations

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