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Connected Cloud & DC Edge Post Event Report – Architecting Resilient Digital infrastructure, March 2019

In our complex and changing world, every company is now competing via technology and reinventing as a Digital Business.

However, nothing will work if the services, apps and data can’t connect over the network. Without the value chain of operators and service providers delivering the computer network and storage, we’d all be lost!

For our 2019 journey to the Edge we gathered 45 experts from the US, Europe, Asia and our own leading companies to deliver 24 keynotes, 4 panel sessions, and 11 closed door workshops around our theme of “Architecting Resilient Digital infrastructure.”.

Over the coming years of this 4th industrial revolution, IT Infrastructure will have its biggest transformations – spanning across multiple clouds, enterprise networks, data centres, and out to the intelligent edge.

If roughly 600 trillion gigabytes of new data is created each year, that’s +200% more traffic than current data centres can handle, and we’ve already seen more cloud outages in the last 12 months than ever before.

Some communications and IT networks are years behind and now new digital businesses need speed, performance and resilience.

Most of our community already struggle to maintain existing operations and legacy workloads – and now must adapt to new emerging technologies, Edge and 5G.

Many may be migrating to cloud, but still need their own computer, network, storage footprint – and an over-arching cloud strategy.

So whether you are a corporate head of IT, or Infrastructure, an architect, a head of engineering, Co-location, Cloud or Data Centre leader – your role is more important to our future than ever. Your challenge is to design, house, deploy, connect and scale all of this digital infrastructure – then deliver these services, app and network performance to hungry customers.

We hope that Connected Cloud & DC Edge helped you increase your ability, knowledge and relevance to do just this.

A pleasure to host you.

Jim Berry
CEO & Founder, ADAPT


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